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Field House Complex

West of Physical Education & Athletics Building, east of Aquarena and Westerland Road, south of Pedagogue's Close.
Area 40 (2 w/c spaces); Area 92 (2 w/c spaces), Aquarena parking
(6 w/c spaces).
Study areas:
Outside entrance:
South-east entrance near Physical Education Building and Memorial Sports Field accessible via automatic doors.
South-west entrance off Westerland Road (for special events).
Proximity to lounges, refreshments:
Closest cafeteria: Smallwood (University) Centre.
Refreshments: Education Building, Level 1 (Roasters); Level 1 (Atrium) of Arts and Administration Building; Level 1 Aquarena (Tim Horton’s coffee). Vending snack and drink machines, with seating areas, are located in the Field House Complex.
Skywalk/tunnel access:
Access via skywalk from Aquarena, Level 3.
In-door w/c-accessible route via Physical Education Building.
Elevator (equipped with lowered and brailled buttons) provides access between Levels 1 and 2.
Levels 1 and 2: Accessible male and female washrooms available.
There is one lowered phone located at both the south-east and south-west entrances.
Lecture, classroom areas:
Remarks, hints: This is a multi purpose facility that is used for athletics, recreational, and leisure purposes. It is also used for academic purposes.

Exercise equipment (Hoist Access Trainer and Saratoga Cycle - purchased in consultation with the Canadian Paraplegic Association) is available for wheelchair users. For more information on this equipment or to arrange a demonstration, please contact The Works.

Refer to the Physical Education & Athletics Building and the Aquarena for other athletic facilities on the main campus.