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MUNSU-MUN Child Care Centre

Burton's Pond Road, between pond and Arts and Culture Centre.
Area 31 (2 w/c spaces available).
Study areas:
Not applicable.
Outside entrance:
All exterior entrances accessible via low ramps included in the landscape; the east (main) entrance has automatic doors and doorbell.
Proximity to lounges, refreshments:
In-house food preparation for children; closest cafeteria is Main Dining Hall.
Skywalk/tunnel access:
Access to both levels in building.  Buttons are lowered and numbers are raised.
All washrooms on Levels 1 and 2 are accessible.
Level 1 (main waiting area): 1 lowered with volume control.
Lecture, classroom areas:
Not applicable.
Remarks, hints:
Facility for children of students, faculty, and staff, operated by the Memorial University of Newfoundland Students' Union.  All child care centres (Pre-school I, Pre-school II, Activity, and Toddler) have accessible fountains; all surrounding outside curbs are compatible for w/c usage.  The south entrance near the pond is surrounded by wire fencing with locked gates.