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INCO Inovation Centre

Location Off Irwin's Road, turn off just west of the Chemistry Physics Building and south of the Computer Services and Science Buildings, off courtyard east of Physical Education Building, southeast of Queen Elizabeth II Library.
Parking Area 17 (3 w/c spaces); meter parking part of Area 17
Study Areas Not applicable
Outside entrances Level 1: main (north) and southeast entrances accessible at ground level via automatic door openers. A second (north) entrance is accessible at ground level. Two south entrances are accessible at ground level. West entrance is not wheelchair accessible (stairs).
Proximity to lounges, refreshments:

Seating available in lobby area of Levels 1 to 3. Vending machines located on Levels 1 and 2. Closest cafeteria: University Centre; coffee stand in Level 1 (Atrium) of Arts and Administration Building and Level 1 of Science Building (with wheelchair-accessible seating).

Skywalk/Tunnel access Access at tunnel entrance via automatic door opener. Access to elevator from tunnel (no key required). Level 2: skywalk to Arts/Administration and Science Buildings via automatic door openers.
Elevators Two elevators provide access to all levels.

Level 1 accessible
Level 2 accessible

Telephones None available
Lecture, Classroom areas: IIC 2001 is accessible at the front via automatic door openers. Access is available at the back via the elevators.
Remarks and Hints

Level 1: Core Research Equipment And Instrument Training Network (CREAIT) and Major Research Partnership

Level 2: Aboriginal Studies, Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship (ACE) at Memorial, GENESIS Group, School of Graduate Studies in Room 2012 (accessible via automatic doors), and Office of Research.