Rules and Regulations for the St. John's Campus Wheelway

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The St. John's Para-Transit System (PTS) is funded by the City of St. John's and with a grant from the City of Mount Pearl. Its objective is to ensure that persons with disabilities have equal access to a transportation system that will assist them in their participation in all aspects of community life.
Memorial University of Newfoundland, in conjunction with the St. John's PTS, provides on-campus transportation for faculty, staff, students, alumni, pensioners and visitors with disabilities. This service is referred to as PTS (MUN).


?The PTS (MUN) is available to persons who require the use of mobility assistive devices (e.g.,wheelchairs, scooters, crutches, canes, etc.) throughout the university campus.


1. Any individual who consistently shows ease with mobility independent of a driver's assistance, will be contacted by the PTS (MUN) administration and the manager of Campus Enforcement & Patrol for a review of his/her transportation needs.

?2. While the PTS (MUN) is, wherever possible, a shared-ride system, it is recognized that there might be situations where individuals' schedules are such that a shared-ride will not work (e.g., two individuals with the same ten minutes to get to and/or from incompatible locations).


Two distinct types of service are provided:

1. Pre-Booked Permanent Ride:

?Individuals can make permanent bookings for a specified period of time.

If for any reason (except in the case of an emergency, sudden illness, or short notice, e.g., class/meeting cancellation), a passenger does not use his/her permanent booking on any given day, it is his/her responsibility to notify the dispatcher of this at least one hour prior to the scheduled pick-up time. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, if the dispatcher does not receive a cancellation, the passenger in question will be charged personally for the trip.

NOTE: If an individual requires on-campus transportation on a statutory holiday, he/she must confirm this booking within 24 hours of the time requested; otherwise it will be canceled.

Bookings for Saturday through Monday can be made Friday. Cancellations may be made on weekends/holidays by calling 753-2877 during hours of operation. Calls must be made at least an hour (except in the case of an emergency, sudden illness, or class/meeting cancellation) before a pick-up time.

2. Same-Day Transportation or Demand Response:

?Passengers may call the PTS (MUN) on the day they require transportation or on weekends/holidays (at least one hour in advance).


Information Required:

When calling to book a ride, the following information is required:

a) the passenger's name.

b) the date and time transportation is required.

c) the pick-up address (an accessible entrance). Specify building and entrance location.

d) the destination address (an accessible entrance). Specify building and entrance location.

e) whether or not an attendant or companion will be traveling with the passenger.

f) whether the driver's assistance is required upon pick up.

g) the time frame for pick up (e.g., specify if you have only ten minutes to get to your next class or meeting).

NOTE: Although the PTS (MUN) is a shared ride public transit system, some unique conditions do exist. Hence, at times, it may be necessary to dispatch more than one vehicle. Therefore, passengers must, within the confines of their class and/or teaching schedule:

?a) be prepared to be picked up at the time they requested, as their punctuality minimizes inconvenience to other passengers.

?b) leave ample time for arriving at their destination as the vehicle on which they are traveling might be making other stops prior to theirs.

?If a person is ready earlier than his/her scheduled pick-up time, he/she may call and inform the dispatcher. If a PTS (MUN) vehicle is available, the passenger may be picked up early; otherwise he/she must wait for his/her scheduled time.

Canceling a Trip

?To maximize PTS (MUN) service, it is important that all passengers assume responsibility to cancel any scheduled trip that they are not going to use. A conscientious effort in this situation will be appreciated by all.

?Except in the case of an emergency (e.g., sudden illness or last-minute class/meeting cancellation), a passenger must call and cancel a trip at least one hour before his/her designated pick-up time. Failure to do so will otherwise result in the passenger being charged personally for the ride.

?If any passenger consistently books and cancels trips, without good reason, he/she is preventing other people from being accommodated. Consistent cancellations will be reported to the PTS (MUN) administration and the manager of Campus Enforcement & Patrol at Memorial University, who will contact the person in question to address this issue.


Passengers showing a Memorial University identification card will not be charged for this service within the confines of the St. John's campus. The driver must write the passenger's name and date/time on the trip sheet. A one-way trip off campus costs $2.50 and is at the passenger's expense.


Passengers requesting emergency transportation to a hospital for immediate personal medical treatment will be directed to call an ambulance. PTS (MUN) vehicles are not equipped to deal with medical emergencies.


Passenger Punctuality:

?Drivers will wait only five minutes past specified pick-up times to maintain their responsibilities to other passengers on their trip schedule. Passengers are expected to be at their specified pick-up spot on time.

?If a passenger misses his/her ride, then he/she can call the dispatcher to request another pick-up time, but he/she will have to wait until a vehicle is available.

PTS (MUN) Punctuality:

?Under normal conditions, passengers and their attendant/companion may normally expect a PTS (MUN) vehicle at the specific pick up time within five minutes before or after the scheduled pick-up time. If the vehicle does not arrive within the scheduled time frame, the passenger should notify the dispatcher immediately so any problems (e.g., missed lab, class, test, or meeting) caused by such an event can be corrected or minimized.


Any passenger/attendant who ignores regulations and boards a van with opened alcohol and/or consumes alcohol on board, and/or smokes on board will be denied access to the PTS (MUN) for a period deemed fit by the PTS (MUN) administration. By law, boarding any vehicle with opened alcohol is illegal.


Passengers are advised that while they may carry articles/bags on board a PTS (MUN) vehicle, it is not a driver's responsibility to carry and load an excess of books, etc. If passengers require extra assistance (e.g., carrying numerous packages or books), someone should be traveling with them to provide this assistance.


Each passenger may travel with one attendant or companion, who travels free, as long as the attendant or companion is physically capable of attending to the passenger's needs.


All passengers are expected to demonstrate punctuality, respect and common courtesy; and PTS (MUN) drivers are expected to treat all passengers with the same respect and courtesy.

?Any passenger who is abusive to a PTS (MUN) driver or other passengers will be transported to his/her destination on a PTS (MUN) vehicle only if no other transportation is available to him/her. Note: The PTS (MUN) will notbe responsible for the cost of this alternative transportation.

?The driver of the van in question will make a written report to the PTS (MUN) administration, and the passenger will be contacted by the PTS (MUN) administration and the manager of Campus Enforcement & Patrol.

?Any passenger who exhibits verbal/physical harassment or abuse to any PTS (MUN) driver/passenger could be denied access to the PTS (MUN) service.


It is the responsibility of all PTS (MUN) employees to use good judgement when dealing with the public. Therefore, no swearing or bawdy language, nor immoral or indecent conduct, is permitted while working.

?NOTE: If you encounter a situation where any PTS (MUN) employee is not exhibiting proper conduct, please notify the PTS (MUN) administration or the manager of Campus Enforcement & Patrol so that the situation can be addressed.


When picking up or dropping off passengers, drivers are expected to assist all passengers to and from a PTS (MUN) vehicle to their destination point unless otherwise specified by passengers.

?Drivers are to assist passengers who request assistance: to open and/or lock main residence/apartment/building doors, enter security doors, etc.

?Under no circumstances are drivers to administer medication to passengers.

?Drivers are not permitted to be custodians of keys (office, home, etc.) and/or other personal items belonging to passengers.

?Drivers are not permitted to do personal errands for passengers on company time or using company vehicles.

?Drivers are not permitted to transport passengers before or after PTS (MUN) working hours.


It is a driver's responsibility to ensure that every PTS (MUN) passenger avails of the passengers' restraint system - seatbelts and wheelchair/scooter tie downs. This is to ensure every trip is a safe one for all passengers riding PTS (MUN) vehicles.

?If a passenger does not choose one of the preceding options, he/she will be refused transport.

?NOTE: PTS (MUN) drivers cannot provide special assistance while their PTS (MUN) vehicle is in transit. All passengers are responsible for ensuring they have the requisite safety belts, braces, etc., they require for stability when traveling or that an attendant or companion, to assist them, accompanies them.


For safety reasons, PTS (MUN) drivers will assist wheelchair passengers in going over no more than two low steps. Also, except in the case of an emergency (a sudden snowstorm or unforseen circumstances, etc.), ramps, steps, and driveways are expected to have a clear (ice and snow free) path of travel. Passengers should check to ensure there is a clear path of travel. Any difficulties should be reported to the Department of Facilities Management, Memorial University of Newfoundland, as early as possible to arrange for clearing (phone: 737-7600).

Winter Conditions:

?On particularly stormy winter days, when road conditions are hazardous, it may pose a danger to PTS (MUN) drivers and their passengers to travel in certain sections of the campus. In these situations, passengers will be advised if, for safety reasons, scheduled bookings have to be changed or canceled. Passengers must realize that if they are dropped at their initial destination on particularly stormy winter days, there is no guarantee a PTS (MUN) vehicle can return for them immediately on request. They will have to wait for a vehicle to be available.


If a passenger has a complaint regarding the St. John's PTS (MUN) and it cannot be addressed to his/her satisfaction with the dispatcher, he/she will be directed to speak to the wheelway manager and the manager of Campus Enforcement & Patrol.

?If speaking with the wheelway manager and/or the manager of Campus Enforcement & Patrol fails to satisfy the passenger, he/she must address the issue/issues in writing to the PTS (MUN) administration and the director of Facilities Management at Memorial University, who will contact the passenger and, if necessary, meet with him/her.

?NOTE: If you have any questions about your responsibilities and/or rights as a PTS (MUN) passenger, please contact either the PTS (MUN) administration at 753-2877 or the manager of Campus Enforcement & Patrol at 737-7908.?


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