Physical Education & Athletics

South of Pedagogue's Close off Westerland Road, south of Queen Elizabeth II Library, northwest of Arts and Administration Building.
Aquarena Parking (6 w/c spaces); Area 40 (2 w/c spaces); Area 1A west (2 w/c spaces).
Study areas:
Outside entrance:
Level 1: North entrance is accessible at ground level (lowered door bell provided).
Level 2: South-east entrance accessible by moderate ramp with automatic door openers provided; main entrance not accessible (steps).
Proximity to lounges, refreshments:
Closest cafeteria: Smallwood (University) Centre.? Refreshments: Level 1 (Atrium) of Arts and Administration Building; Level 1 of Education Building (Roasters); Aquarena, Level 2 (Tim Horton’s coffee)
Skywalk/tunnel access:
Tunnel from Level 1 of Arts and Administration Building provides access to the dance studio (Level 1), stairs and a mini-w/c elevator provide access from the tunnel to Level 2 of the Physical Education & Athletics Building.
Mini-w/c elevator accessible from Level 1, via tunnel entrance from Arts and Administration Building (equipped with lowered and brailled buttons), provides access to Level 2.
Accessible male & female washrooms on Level 2.
Level 2 (main entrance): 1 lowered and 1 with amplification handset.
Lecture, classroom areas:
Classrooms on Level 2 are accessible; conference/classroom on Level 3 is not accessible (stairs).
Remarks, hints:
This building contains the following athletic resources:

Level 1 (Pedagogue's Close entrance): Strength and Conditioning Centre (no accessible washrooms/change rooms), Dance Studio (via moderate ramp, one step up to dance floor); Field House Sports Complex & Aquarena (accessible via moderate ramp from Level 2).
Level 2: Gym (accessible), pool/change rooms (not accessible).
Level 3: Squash Room (not accessible - stairs).
Level 4: Fitness Assessment Centre (not accessible - stairs).
Memorial Sports Field (adjacent to south entrance) is accessible.

Refer to the Aquarena and Field House Complex for other athletic facilities on the main campus.


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