Accessibility FAQ


Q. Who can access the services at the Blundon Centre?

A. The Centre serves prospective and current students on the university's St. John's campus whose disabilities involve conditions affecting mobility, vision, hearing, learning (disabilities), chronic illnesses, or mental health. Support is also provided to students with temporary illnesses or injuries. All requests for accommodation must be based on documented need.

Q. Is funding available to pay for special services students might need?

A: There are a number of financial aid programs available to students with disabilities to help cover additional expenses such as adaptive technology, special equipment, or support services such as tutors. More information is available in the Finances section.

Q. What accomodations and services are available for students with disabilities to assist them in their academic pursuits?

A: Academic accommodations include, but are not limited to, specified extra time, quiet location, reader, scribe, word processor, adaptive technology, coloured paper, etc.

Other services provided through the Centre include: campus orientation, wheelchair desks, note-taking assistance, keys for wheelchair-accessible elevators and lifts, sign language interpretation, and on-campus transportation. A complete list of services can be found in the For students section.

Q. Are there services available for students with disabilities who are taking distance education courses?

A. Yes, services, including academic accommodations, are available for students with disabilities who are taking distance education courses. Students should contact the Blundon Centre prior to registration to discuss their specific needs.

Q. What are the steps for booking test/exam accomodations?

A: More information on how to book semester tests or final exams can be found in the Test & exams section.

Q. How do students let their instructors know they need academic accomodations and services?

A: At the beginning of every semester, students using the services of the Centre, must identify themselves to staff of the Centre. At this time, staff will prepare a Test/Exam & Classroom Accommodation Form for every course the student is registered in and is requesting an academic accomodation. The form, once signed by the student, is given to the student to distribute to their professor(s). Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their professor(s) to discuss the arrangements outlined on the form.


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