Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for faculty

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Q: Does the Blundon Centre request documentation when students seek academic accommodations?

A. Yes, students must provide documentation to support their request for academic accommodations.

Q: How will I know if a student in my classroom needs special accommodations because of a disability?

A: Students with a disability who seek academic accommodations due to a disability must self-identify to the Blundon Centre at the beginning of the semester to discuss their accommodation needs.

Students who become disabled, either permanently or temporarily, and students with a disability whose health status changes significantly during their time at the university should contact the Blundon Centre as soon as possible to discuss their specific needs.

A Blundon Centre staff member will prepare a Test/Exam & Classroom Accommodation Form for each course the student is requesting an accommodation in that semester.

This form outlines the accommodations that are recommended for the student (e.g., in test, exam, classroom, and laboratory settings).

Students are requested to deliver the form(s) to their professor(s) and are encouraged to discuss their specific needs with them as soon as possible. For more information, refer to Academic Accommodations.

Q. I have a student writing a test at the Blundon Centre next week. Will the Centre contact me to make arrangements to get a copy of the exam?

A: Staff from the Centre will contact you 2 - 3 days before a test or exam to make arrangements to collect the exam. The exam can be delivered (UC4007) or e-mailed to the Centre ( Blundon Centre staff can also collect the test/exam at your office or the departmental office. Please ensure that the test/exam is provided to the Centre in a sealed envelope. When the exam is completed, it can be collected at the Centre or hand-delivered to the departmental office.

Note: Section 2 on the Request for Testing Accommodations at the Blundon Centre Form provides space for you to include any special instructions as to how you prefer the test/exam to be collected and returned.

Q: Are tests and exams written at the Blundon Centre supervised?

A: Yes, all exams are supervised by Blundon Centre staff.

Q: A student has asked me to help her find a peer note taker in my course. What is a peer note taker? How can I help this student?

A: A peer note taker is a class mate who volunteers to share their notes with a student with a disability. The Blundon Centre provides NCR (No Carbon Required) paper free of charge for this purpose.

Students are encouraged to try and find their own peer note taker by approaching a class mate. In the event they are unable to find anyone to assist them, they may request your help.

You can help the student to recruit a peer note taker by making an announcement in class. Ask the student (with the disability) if he/she wishes to remain anonymous when you make this annoucement. A sample announcement is as follows:

A student in the class requires a peer note taker (i.e., someone to share their notes). If someone in the class attends on a regular basis (which everyone should), has legible handwriting, takes detailed notes, would like to get their paper free all semester, and would like to help this student, please contact me after class.

You can then suggest a convenient location to link the volunteers with the student who is requesting a peer note taker.

Q: How can I encourage students with disabilities who might require an academic accommodation to discuss their needs with me.

A: At the beginning of the semeser you could make a general announcement in class or include a notice on your course outline inviting students who need special arrangements or consideration to meet with you to discuss the matter. Some students with disabilities may find it very difficult to discuss their personal circumstances with strangers; some students may have problems approaching authority figures.

If the student has not already self-identified to the Blundon Centre, please suggest that he/she contact the Centre as soon as possible to discuss their accommodation needs.


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