ISISA 2021: Sharing Lessons, Sharing Stories

REGISTRANTS, PLEASE NOTE: The passcode to join the Zoom meetings is always ISISA21 (no code required for plenary sessions). Thank you!

We are pleased to invite delegates from around the world to the International Small Islands Studies Association 2021 Conference: Sharing Lessons, Sharing Stories, hosted by Memorial's Harris Centre and taking place online, via Zoom Webinars, from June 14th to 18th, 2021.

Missed the Live Session? View the Recording!

Keynote Presentation: Michael Crummey's "The N Factor: Decoding the Newfoundland Genome" (14 June 2021, Monday)

Keynote Presentation: Mimi Sheller's "Reimagining Caribbean Futures After the Pandemic Mobility Disruption" (15 June 2021, Tuesday)

Keynote Panel: "Come From Away: The Start of the Moment" (16 June 2021, Wednesday)

Special Panel: "Our Island, Now: Island Stories from Newfoundland’s Quilted Collective" (16 June 2021, Wednesday)

Special Panel: "Island Songs: Making Music in the Middle of Somewhere" (16 June 2021, Wednesday)

Closing Ceremony (18 June 2021, Friday)

Conference Program:


After our Zoom Meeting on Tuesday, June 15th, was "hacked," we created new Zoom links (with new, unique passcodes), which were attached to a new PDF copy of the conference program and emailed to all registrants directly. Please check the email account you used to email for this conference, and email Mandy with any questions or to access a new copy of the program. Thank you! 


Book of Abstracts

Click here to access a PDF of short descriptions of the breakout session presentations.


Conference Information (required reading for presenters!)
  • This conference is virtual, and will be taking place over the Zoom Video Conferencing platform. The Keynote sessions will take place as Zoom Webinars, which means only the panelists and hosts will be visible on screen. However, the Breakout Sessions will be Zoom Meetings, which means everyone who attends the session (by clicking the specific link, found on the conference program) will be visible on screen (though you are, of course, welcome to turn off your camera is you are an audience member and we encourage you to turn off your camera if you are having internet problems--this often helps prevent connection issues). We ask that everyone remember to mute themselves when they are not speaking, in order to decrease ambient noise.
  • The breakout sessions will be facilitated using Zoom Breakout Rooms. This means that one link is being used for various blocks of time--on the conference program, you will see what link allows you to enter what session (as the sessions will be listed beneath their relevant Zoom link). 
  • You can join these Breakout Sessions at any time. You will enter the main Zoom room and be prompted to select a Breakout Session. 
  • Participants will have the option to manually select which Breakout Room they would like to enter—we will have information in the central Zoom room, letting you know what is happening where. However, you will return to the main Zoom room at the end of the breakout session (this happens automatically), where you will once again be prompted to choose a breakout room to attend the next session. Because of this automatic ending, we encourage everyone to pay close attention to the time.
  • A Note for Presenters: Time limits are very important: you have 15 minutes to present, and if you go over this time, you risk taking time from someone else’s presentations. There will be warnings given throughout the sessions in the form of Zoom broadcast messages to try and ensure that the panels stay on time.
  • Another Note for Presenters: We are asking that the final panelist in each Breakout session chair the panel. This means welcoming everyone and then announcing the name of the next speaker. Chairs are also asked to facilitate the Q&A at the end of the panel. This involves asking the audience if anyone has any questions, and then naming the person so that they can unmute themselves and state their question.

Public Sessions

The general public are invited to join us on Wednesday, the 16th, for our "Cultural Day" activities--we are starting the day with a special keynote panel about "Come From Away," the Broadway phenomenon inspired by the events of 9/11 in Gander, NL, and the afternoon will feature various cultural panels, including a song circle and stories from a local writing group.

View the conference program for more details on event times (and view this page for more information on panelists).

To register for the Come From Away panel, click the link below:

*Note: Conference registrants are automatically registered for this event and do not need to register again here. This link is for the general public.

The other two events will be livestreamed on YouTube and Facebook, so there is no need to register to attend:

  • Island Songs: Making Music in the Middle of Somewhere: Song Circle
  • Our Island, Now: Island Stories From Newfoundland's Quilted Collective


Click here to learn more about our Cultural Day participants





Register Now to Attend! 

  • Regular Registration (non-students): $56.50 (includes $30.00 fee for conference and $26.50 membership registration fee)
  • Students: $26.50 (includes just the cost for ISISA membership registration)
  • Lifetime members: $30 (just conference fees)

All in Canadian $


Worried about the technology?

We are holding two training sessions, 30-minutes in length, on June 10th, to help those who may be uncomfortable presenting via Zoom. 

  • Click here to register for the session at 9:00am NT
  • Click here to register for the session at 4:30pm NT



PowerPoint Presentation Template Available 

Presenters can use this PowerPoint template for their presentations.

We welcome creative presentations, as well, but we encourage all presenters to use the cover slide provided here to introduce their paper.