Shaped By Place: Cold Oceans and Northern Strength at Memorial University


Memorial University has been shaped by wind, water, and ice.

Our strength in cold-ocean and northern research, teaching, and public engagement didn’t just happen: it’s the result of nearly 100 years of working here, in some of Earth’s coldest, wettest, and harshest environments. With a campus in Labrador as well as sites across the province, and partnerships across Northern Canada and the Circumpolar North, we are on the ground—and in the ocean!

And we’re not working on our own. Meaningful partnerships anchor our work in community, and help address both local opportunities and global challenges.

Visit one of the tabs above (or click an image below) to learn more about the Cold Oceans and Northern Strength initiative, our exceptional People, world-changing Projects, meaningful Partnerships, internal and external Funding Opportunities, one-of-a-kind Facilities and our unique Programs, all related to cold oceans and the North.

Want specifics? Check out our Cold Oceans and Northern Highlights page for impressive facts and world-class achievements! 

From the Gazette


Jun 16, 2024

Open House at the Ocean Frontier Institute's New Office Space at Memorial University

Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador Core Science Facility, St. John's, NL

Jun 18, 2024

Oceanovation 2024

The Hague, The Netherlands

Jun 19, 2024

A picture of a lifeboat on a sparkling blue ocean with the words About Us written on top A picture of Dr. Trevor Bell of Smart ICE sitting on the snow with test equipment with the words People and Projects written on top A picture of a yellow ROV on the ocean with the word Partnerships on top A picture of five researchers from Memorial standing in front of their research boat in the Baffin Islands, with the word Opportunities written on top A picture of the Ocean Sciences Centre in St. John's, with the word Facilities written on top A picture of mountains and icebergs with the ocean in the foreground, with the word Programs written on top

Are you a Memorial student, staff or faculty member attending an oceans and/or northern-based conference or event, and require promotional materials? We can provide you with items such as brochures, slideshow templates, banners, and so on, and are happy to work with you to help you customize materials for your needs. Please reach out! Our Coordinator, Mandy, would be happy to answer any questions you may have.