Partnerships at Memorial University are important not only because Memorial has a special obligation to the province and is dedicated to serving the public good—locally as well as nationally and internationally—but also because Memorial is a stronger institution as a result of our engagement with public perspectives and expertise.

Below are just a few of the many meaninful partnerships currently existing between Memorial University and external groups, including other academic institutions, government, NGOs, non-profits, industry, and more.

A picture of a large ship on the ocean with the words Qanittaq Clean Arctic Shipping Initiative written on top Picture of a mountain on the ocean with "U Arctic" written on top A picture of Dr. Christina Smeaton in her laboratory, with the word "Shorefast" written on top A picture of a wave, up close, with the words "Ocean Frontier Institute" written on top An up close photo of a wind turbine on the ocean with the words "Canada's Ocean Super Cluster" on top A picture of a small community on the coast of rural Newfoundland with the words "Future Ocean and Coastal Infrastructures" written on top A picture of the exterior of Nunavut Arctic College A picture of Dr. Scott Grant on a small boat in the ocean, with the words "Qikiqtaaluk Corporation" written on top A photo of two men working in an office, with the words Innu Research Exchange written on top

Want to work with us?

Our goal is to be a hub of knowledge for our communities —local, national, and international—and we invite all interested partners to reach out to find out how best to partner with us. 

Contact Mandy at or Rebecca at the Office of Public Engagement, 

To learn more about current projects happening at Memorial, in the field of cold oceans and northern and beyond, visit Yaffle.

The partnerships featured above are a mix of pan-university, multi-year engagements as well as smaller-scale, individual research projects.
To learn more about the latter (and view many examples), you can visit the Office of Public Engagement's website