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This includes job postings for all of Memorial's campuses; potential funding sources for cold oceans and northern-related research, teaching, and public engagement activities; post-doctoral positions; student opportunities; travel and publication funding; and more.

OpportunityUnitClosing Date


    Coastal Restoration Research Support: Lead field support for coastal restoration projects in Placentia Bay, involving preparation, logistics, and the execution of research initiatives. This will require not only expertise in boat operations but also a deep understanding of coastal ecosystem dynamics and conservation strategies.

    Data Collection and Analysis: Participate in the collection and analysis of biological samples and data related to fisheries science. This includes operating technical equipment, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of data collected during field operations, and contributing to research reports and publications.

    Boat Operations and Safety: Act as the primary operator for coastal research vessels, ensuring all operations comply with Transport Canada regulations and safety standards. This role requires comprehensive knowledge and experience in small boat handling, particularly in the challenging conditions of Placentia Bay. 

    Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Work closely with a diverse team of researchers, leveraging expertise in marine biology and field research to advance the goals of the CFER. This position offers the opportunity to contribute to significant research projects, enhancing the sustainability of marine ecosystems and fisheries.

1 May 2024  

 Facilities Services Technician with the Department of Ocean Sciences

  • responsible, on an after-hours shift basis (nights, weekends, holidays, University closures), for systems monitoring and caretaker work related to the Department of Ocean Sciences’ buildings, laboratories, and live animal facilities. The successful candidate will conduct physical rounds to monitor ongoing experiments and equipment to ensure the integrity of experimental parameters and stored samples.
Department of Ocean Sciences, Faculty of Science 2 May 2024

Director, Marine Institute’s Offshore Safety and Survival Centre

  • the successful applicant will be an integral part of the Marine Institute’s management team.   Duties include developing, managing and marketing the capabilities of the OSSC and the Safety and Emergency Response Training (SERT) Centre in Stephenville, NL,  in response to the needs, both nationally and internationally, of the marine transportation, offshore and onshore energy, marine technology and fishing industries; developing and maintaining close working relationships with Canadian and international regulatory agencies; developing strategic initiatives and alliances with relevant industrial sectors; providing leadership to the  redevelopment of research initiatives related to offshore safety and survival; developing the human resource capabilities of existing and new personnel; developing and managing the centre’s operating budget; and performing other related duties as required.
Fisheries and Marine Institute 17 May 2024

Research Laboratory Coordinator II

  • responsible for the management and operation of Memorial’s Explorer class AUV.
Core Research Equipment and Instrument Training (CREAIT) Network at Memorial University N/A

Research & Technical Personnel (RTP)

  • support the delivery of practical instruction and training in NFPA Certified courses, Industrial courses, Marine Emergency Response courses as per the Safety & Emergency Response Training Centre’s (SERT-C) Integrated Management System and applicable governing standards and guidelines. 

Safety & Emergency Response Training (SERT) Centre

Marine Institute, Stephenville 

28 June 2024

Various Instructors at Marine Institute

Fisheries and Marine Institute  Click links for specific closing dates; some are ongoing call-in positions 

Currently Open


The Memorial University 100th Anniversary Fund

  • is offered as a means to support units across Memorial to celebrate and reflect on the 100th anniversary in ways that share the incredible breadth and remarkable range of this university.  The purpose of the fund is to support existing or planned events, initiatives or projects, as well as to assist organizers in creating new events, initiatives or projects that fit with the theme of the anniversary “Looking back. Launching forth.”
  • Stream A: offers up to $2,500 to support a broad range of events and activities. A total of $50,000 will be allocated for this stream, supporting approximately 20 events/activities in total that fit with the anniversary theme and criteria noted below.
  • Stream B: offers up to $10,000 to support projects with a clear tie to Memorial’s academic mission. A total of $100,000 has been allocated to this stream to support up to 10 projects that fit with the anniversary theme and criteria noted below.  
June 2024

UArctic's Global Arctic Leadership Initiative Travel Fund

  • The University of the Arctic (UArctic) is pleased to announce a call for submissions from faculty, students, and staff at Canadian member institutions for travel funding support. This initiative, facilitated through the Global Arctic Leadership Initiative and supported by Global Affairs Canada, aims to foster engagement and collaboration of Northern Canadians, including Indigenous peoples, within the UArctic network. The fund is specifically designed to support opportunities for participation and perspectives in UArctic activities and events.

    • Funding Amount: Up to $5,000 CAD in travel support.
Submissions are accepted at any time and will be reviewed on the following schedule: April 30, 2024; August 31, 2024; December 31, 2024. 

National Research Council's Arctic and Northern Challenge program

  • The Arctic and Northern Challenge program aims to address pressing issues impacting the quality of life of Northern peoples. The program is committed to prioritizing Northern-led research projects that have a strong focus on Northern capacity building. By providing both research funding and scientific expertise, the program will support strong and sustainable Northern communities through applied technology and innovation.
  • Development grants will provide up to $50,000 over 12 months.

4 October 2024

New Frontiers in Research Fund: 2024 NordForsk-Led International Joint Initiative on Sustainable Development in the Arctic

  • This international joint initiative represents a collaboration among research funders from Canada, Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and the United States. The Arctic region has seen and continues to see rapid and drastic changes, mostly due to climate change, which has a bigger impact in the Arctic than in the rest of the world. Declining sea ice has also opened possibilities of new transport routes, new opportunities for resource extraction, and led to increased international interest in the region. The direct effects of climate change, as well as these indirect ones, have a significant impact on ecosystems, Arctic communities and traditional ways of living. Through interdisciplinary research projects that include Indigenous perspectives, this call will leverage expertise across Arctic countries to explore approaches to sustainable development in the Arctic, considering aspects such as security, natural resources and societal changes.

Registration Deadline: 30 May 2024 

Application Deadline: Fall 2024

The Harris Centre's Community Scholars fund provides $10000 for up to 10 projects annually for faculty and post-doctoral fellows to reconnect with our province and spend time face-to-face in the small towns that make Newfoundland and Labrador unique. 

Applications will be accepted year-round, or until all funds are awarded, for Community Scholars. There is no particular start or end date for this program.

Ocean Frontier Institute's Knowledge Mobilization Fund: Safe and Sustainable Development of the Ocean Frontier

The fund is designed to:

  • Support travel to conferences, event hosting and outreach activities targeted at knowledge exchange, engagement and research communication
  • Extend the reach and impact of the SSDOF research program by communicating research outcomes with diverse audiences


(Any award funds must be fully expended by March 31, 2026.)

The Dorothy Killam Fellowship

  •  provide support to scholars of exceptional ability by granting them time to pursue research projects of broad significance and widespread interest within the disciplines of the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, health sciences, engineering or studies linking any of these disciplines.
14th June 2024 

Lab2Market Grants 

  • Lab to Market grants support post-secondary institutions and their affiliates, including research hospitals and other eligible research centres, colleges, and college centres for the transfer of technologies (CCTT) in creating and sustaining networks dedicated to developing and delivering entrepreneurial skills training. For Lab to Market grants, these training networks must include at least two post-secondary institutions, although more extensive networks are highly encouraged. These grants support collaboration between post-secondary institutions and various organizations from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. This institutional collaboration will contribute vital resources and services to the Canadian academic entrepreneurial landscape.
9 September 2024 

Currently closed but opening later this year

Global Affairs Canada’s Global Arctic Leadership Initiative (GALI) is a funding program which aims to strengthen Canada’s global leadership in the Arctic. 

Memorial University manages and administers the following GALI funding opportunities:

  1. The Indigenous and Northern Collaborative Research and Education Engagement Fund
  2. The Indigenous and Northern Relationship Development Fund

Pilot call closed February 2024.

Expected to open again December 2024. Check website frequently for information!

Office of Public Engagement

Memorial University's Office of Public Engagement offers funding (up to $10,000 for specific funds) and awards programs to further the goals and objectives of the Public Engagement Framework.  This involves supporting the initiation or extension of public engagement activities that link to Memorial’s mission.


All funds closed February 29/2024 but will open again soon. Check website for more information. 

The Leslie Harris Centre of Regional Policy and Development 

The Harris Centre provides funding for applied research in all areas related to public policy and regional development.

  • The Harris Centre Thriving Regions Applied Research Fund provides up to $15,000 per project for community-prioritized research that impacts sustainability in specific regions of the province. 

  • The Harris Centre's Cabot Martin Award for Research in Regional Policy and Development provides $18,000 given annually to a student, faculty or staff member of Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador for a research project directed toward governance and public policy issues. In addition, the Cabot Martin Award Lecture in Regional Policy and Development in Newfoundland and Labrador will see the research fund recipient deliver a public lecture to share the results of their work and spark further discussion on topics of importance to the province. 

There are currently no open Thriving Regions fund. Check the website frequently for updates.

The Cabot Martin Award closed March 2024 and should reopen January 2025.

The Fisheries and Marine Institute's International Youth Internship Program

  • The program is jointly implemented by the Atlantic Council for International Cooperation and the Marine Institute. It offers youth (ages 15 to 30) the opportunity to gain valuable international work experience through 4-month long internships with partner organizations in Africa, the Caribbean, Asia and Central America.
  • Submissions for Cohort 1 closed February 2024, but will open again for Cohort 2 in Fall 2024.
Cohort 2 will begin accepting applications in Fall 2024. Visit the website for more information.

Publication Subvention

  • This program provides financial assistance to scholarly publishing from within the Memorial University community. Priority will be given to original book-length manuscripts.
Closed March 2024. Check their website frequently for updates. 

Call for Abstracts (and Publication Opportunity): OCEANS 2024 Halifax

  • Have you conducted innovative research that you would like to present to a broader audience? Prepare your research! OCEANS 2024 Halifax will be accepting abstracts for engaging and cutting-edge technical papers beginning March 1, 2024. Once the submission window closes, the top abstracts will be selected, and those authors will be invited to submit a full paper. The final technical papers will be featured in the OCEANS 2024 prestigious technical program and published in IEEE Xplore.  
26 April 2024

The “Interdisciplinary School for the Blue Planet” post-doctoral fellowship program

  • ISblue offers creative young scientists the opportunity to develop their own research project in one of the ISblue laboratories. As part of the strong multidisciplinary ISblue community, post-doctoral fellows gain a valuable experience and new opportunities for career development in marine science and technology.
30 April 2024

President's Award for Public Engagement Partnerships

  • Memorial’s highest public engagement honour, intended to recognize high-level, well-established public engagement partnerships. This award recognizes an outstanding collaboration between Memorial and the public that connects to Memorial’s academic mission, makes a real difference in the world and showcases mutual respect, mutual contributions and mutual benefits.
  • The winning partnership will be presented with a certificate by the president of Memorial University during the annual President’s Awards ceremony and receive a cash award of $5,000 to support ongoing activities of the partnership. 
30 May 2024

Western European Shelf Pelagic Acoustic Survey Grad and Post-Grad Bursaries

  • WESPAS will take place over two legs and forms part of a time series used to provide biomass estimates of herring and boar fish stocks in ICES areas VIIB and VIA and assist stock assessments by ICES expert groups. Ciaran O’Donnell and Mike O’Malley will lead an experienced teams of biologists from the Marine Institute on survey transects deploying a pelagic trawl to ground truth echo traces of herring, boar fish and other pelagic species. WESPAS bursaries are an excellent opportunity for graduates and postgraduate students who wish to develop field skills in fisheries acoustics, biometric sampling and plankton sampling.

3 May 2025 

UArctic's north2north Student Mobility Program

  • The north2north Northern Canada program supports outgoing student mobility for students who are living in or from Canada's arctic and northern regions and studying at a north2north member institution.

  • Universities and colleges throughout Denmark, Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Canada, the United States, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, France and Scotland participate in the north2north program. They also provide courses that are specifically northern focused.
  • Students who apply for funding must have finished or are finishing their first year of studies and be in a Diploma, Degree or Graduate program. Grants will be provided for short term exchanges, training placements and mobility to up to two semesters with a maximum financing of 8000 CAD.  This includes, up to 3000 CAD for travel related expenditures and 250 CAD/week or 1000 CAD/month for living expenses for the duration of studies.

  • Contact north2north@uarctic.org with questions. 
  • Visit the website: Click Here.

Ocean Frontier Institute Student & Postdoc Travel Fund

  • A limited budget is available to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows at Memorial University in Newfoundland who are funded through OFI research modules and who require financial support to present papers or posters on their OFI supported research at national or international conferences.

Ocean Frontier Institute Ambassador Program

  • Ambassadors will promote and shape the Ocean Frontier Institute’s future direction, engage with other leaders, and mentor early-career OFI researchers. They will be chosen not only for their experience and reputation, but their ability to explain research in plain language. The program offers a way to recognize distinguished ocean researchers for their scientific contributions to OFI through formal long-term association.

NSERC Indigenous Student Ambassadors

  • aims to engage Indigenous students and fellows in promoting interest and participation in the natural sciences and engineering (NSE) by visiting Indigenous communities and schools in Canada. Ambassadors could share their research and education experiences at an information booth at a community event or Powwow, or they could deliver hands-on science promotion activities at a workshop for youth in the community, among other possibilities.

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