Completed M.A. Theses

Below are recent theses and projects that have been successfully defended by our Master of Arts students:


  • Jonah Bruce: “Lonergan’s Early Development in Ethics: A Study of Archives Notes on General Ethics (A Metaphysics of Custom),” under the supervision of Dr. Michael Shute.
  • Lucas Cober: “’The Eyes of the Blind Shall be Opened’: Blindness in Biblical Discourse,” under the supervision of Dr. Kim Ian Parker.
  • Prudence Etkin: “Laïcité and the Private-Public Binary: French Law in the ‘Baby Loup’ Case,” under the supervision of Dr. Jennifer Selby.
  • Eli Mason: “Fearful Symmetry: The Relationship Between Leviathan and Yahweh as Seen Through the Lends of Monster Studies,” under the supervision of Dr. Kim Ian Parker.
  • Scott Royle: “Five Times Daily: The Dynamics of Prayer Worship Among Muslim Immigrants in St. John’s, NL,” under the supervision of Dr. Barry Stephenson.


  • Harvey-Crowell, Liam. The Impact and Perception of Islam and Authority Online Among Muslim University Students in St. John's, NL.
  • Williams, Jennifer. Addressing Multiculturalism in the Newfoundland and Labrador Multiculturalism Policy and in the Everyday Lives of Muslims in St. John's, NL.


  • Ralph, Rebecca F. Community and the Colonial Church: An Examination of the Church of England's Establishment of its First Missions in Southern Labrador, 1848-1876.
  • Pomeroy, Trevor. 'As Commander of the Army of the Lord I Have Now Come': Joshua 5:13-6:27 as War Narrative in Context.
  • Courey, Rachel. Getting to Reconciliation: Lonergan and Religious Conflict in Transformation.
  • Hughes, Micheline. Scapegoat, Sacrifice, or Saviour: An Examination of the Outsider in the Mahabharata.


  • Worsley, Emily. Where Were You When I Laid the Foundations of the Earth? Creation as Unfinished in the God’s Speech to Job.
  • Andrews, Pamela. Ain’t No Spook God: Religiosity in the Nation of Gods and Earths.


  • Hickman, Allyson. Social Stigma: How the Broom Closet Affects the Pagan Experience.
  • Newman, David. The Eschatology of Newfoundland and Labrador's Early Pentecostals: Jesus Is Coming Soon. 1910-1949.
  • Walters, Lisa. Christianity, Conservatism, and Capitol Hill: How the Evangelical Christian Beliefs of the Harper Cabinet Affect Public Policy in Canada.
  • MacDougall, Christopher. There and Back Again: The Divergent Paths of Frodo in Lord of the Rings.
  • Ford, Jessica. Fire: The Elemental Nature of the Draupadi.
  • Randell, Dwane. Reciprocal Justice: Morality and God in the Work of Tertullian of Carthage.


  • Laing, Peter. 'Give Me a Moravian Establishment': The Failure of Methodist Missionary Efforts in Central Labrador, 1824-1828.
  • Ross, Elizabeth. From Gurdjieff to Gremlins: Teaching Methods of a Present-Day Fourth Way School.
  • White, Meagan. The Post-Conversion Social Experiences of New Muslims in St. John's Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • Howlett, Danny. Drowning in My Dreams. X/1999: The Modern Myth and the Constraints of Gender Constructs.
  • Aucoin, Lael. Reclaiming Dinah: A Feminist-Literary Analysis of Genesis 34:1-9.
  • Monteith, Michael. The Saint of Pure Love: Examining Catherine of Genoa's Mystical Doctrine of Purgatory.
  • Crossan, Mark. The Simpsons Project.
  • Richler, Avrum. The Origins and Place of the Temple Scroll in the Qumran Corpus.
  • Kearley, Bruce. Walter Rauschenbusch and Oliver Jackson: A Comparative Study in the Social Gospel Tradition.


  • Monteith, Andrew. The Light and the Night: An Ethnographic Examination of Spiritual Warfare.
  • Scott, Linda. 'My Name is Legion: An Exploration of the Meaning of the Story of the Gerasine Demoniac in Marks 5:1-20.
  • Briffett, Carla. The Methodist 'Authoritarian Fiction' of George Bond.
  • Bishop, Danielle. Feminist Theology, Christianity, and the Problem of Patriarchy: Toward an Alternative Perspective.
  • Yungblut, Christopher. Implicit Religion in Canadian Film: A New Frontier.


  • Kandler, Renate. Religious Belief in the Thought of Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington.
  • Despres, Sebastien. The Body/ies of the Faithful: A Corporeal Ethnography of Canadians on a Roman Catholic Marian Pilgrimage to Medjugorje, Bosnia.
  • Keating, Raelene. The Tower of Babel: A Literary Examination of Genesis 11:1-9.


  • Sheedy, Matt. Locke's Inheritors: An Examination of the Theological Underpinnings of the Letter Concerning Toleration and Its Implications for the Modern Dilemma of Religious Toleration.


  • Sanderson, Sherri. How High Was He? The Religious Thought and Activity of Edward Feild, Second Church of England Bishop of Newfoundland (1844-1876).
  • Wolcott, Bradley. The Flame That Enkindles All: Francisco de Osuna, the Exercise of Recollection, and the Overarching Law of Love.


  • King, Karlie. Alternative Medicine as Modern Magic: A Study of Spiritual Manual Techniques.
  • Russell, Heather. Evangelicalism in the Anglican Church in Nineteenth-Century Newfoundland.


  • Winsor, Gail. The Art of Hermes: 1 John's Defence of the Johannine Tradition.


  • Furney, Mandy. A Nature-Based Religion in the City: Contemporary North American Pagan Relationships with Urban Environments.
  • Walsh, Catherine. Prophet in a Righteous Land: George W. Bush's Rhetoric and the Hebrew Bible.
  • Sherwood, Ian. Job's 'Restoration': An Ascetic Misinterpretation of the Epilogue of the Book of Job.


  • Benert, Richard. Windows on a Medieval World: Medieval Piety as Reflected in the Lapidary Literature of the Middle Ages.
  • Brosnan, Eileen. 'The Movies Shoulda Been Snow White but They Drifted': The International Federation of Catholic Alumnae Responds to the Movie Menace.
  • Carter, Ben. Feuerbachian Imagination and the Reversal of Hegelian Ontology in The Essence of Christianity (1841).
  • O'Neill, Joanne. The Sacred in Art: An Interpretative Study of Bernard Lonergan's Theory of Art.
  • Anonsen, Maureen. The Transformation from Existential to Theoretical Theodicy in the Work of Julian of Norwich.


  • Canning, Barry. Spiritual Concepts in Therapeutic Touch.
  • Gilroy, Daniel A. G. The Genesis and Ecology Debate.
  • Rosales, Janna. Method in Ecology: Bernard Lonergan and Catholic Environmental Ethics.
  • Williams, David. Jon Sobrino and the Quest of the Historical Jesus.


  • Brodie, Ian Bernard. Bernard Lonergan's Method and Religious Studies: Functional Specialities and the Academic Study of Religion.
  • Brett, Kayla V. 'Doing the Truth' and the Conflict Within the Johannine Community.
  • Gillingham, Michele Lynn. Israel's Non-Entry into Messianic Salvation: Reflections on the Meaning of Romans 9-11 in the Light of Anti-Judaism.
  • White, Gay J. (Peddle). A History of SPG-Supported Schools in Newfoundland: 1701-1827.
  • Williams, Elizabeth. The Father, the Son, and the Beloved Disciple: Revelation and Self-Identity in the Fourth Gospel.


  • Butler, Alison L. The Revival of the Occult Philosophy: Cabalistic Magic and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.
  • Mitchell, Matthew. 'I Will Go and Return': Motion, Tension, and the Uncertainty of Salvation in the Language and Literary Structure of the Book of Hosea.
  • Taylor-Hood, Victoria. Religious Life in French Newfoundland to 1714.


  • Labron, Tim. John 1:14a and Rudolf Bultmann's Hermeneutical Method.


  • Jenkins, Barry S. Jack Kerouac and the 'Beat' Sect of American Zen Buddhism.
  • Pinsent, William Paul. The Institutionalization of Experiential Religion: A Study of Newfoundland Pentecostalism.


  • Meade, Sonya R. Bless God and Die: An Examination of the Role of Job's Wife in the Masoretic Text of Job.
  • Robinson, Angela. Eighteenth-Century Newfoundland Methodism as a Revitalization Movement.
  • Walsh, Corrine C. 'What was from the Beginning' (I John 1:1) The Priority of the Johannine Epistles and the Johannine Community.


  • Bungay, Roy. Narrative Structure and Character Development in 2 Samuel 11.
  • McGrath, Martha. Emotions in the Zhuangzi.
  • Peddle, Geoffrey. The Reverend Jacob Rice : Anglican Ministry and Preaching in Early Eighteenth Century Newfoundland.
  • Reynolds, Denise. The Importance of the Reading Site in Liberating Exegesis: Mark 6:30-44, An Illustration.


  • Duke, Pat. The Numinous Experience and Self-Understanding in 1QH.
  • Gosse, Jennifer. Classical Confucian Ideas of Music.
  • Gregory, Krista. I John in the light of the Debate on Orthodoxy and Heresy in Earliest Christianity.
  • Hodder, Bryce. Christianity’s Burden of Guilt: An Examination of Lynn White’s Thesis on the Ecological Crisis in the Light of the Biblical Data.


  • Jenkins, Carla. The Reader and the Samaritan Woman in John 4:1-42.
  • Howlett, Jill. The Self-Understanding of the Johannine Community: The World of the Fourth Gospel in the Prologue and John 17.
  • Lambe, Tony: Genesis 38: Literary Design and Context.


  • Barrett, Dawn. Revivalism and the Origins of Newfoundland Methodism, 1766-1774.
  • Dawe, Ronald. Jews and Judaism in Mark’s Gospel: An Examination of Mark 4:11-12 in its Literary Context.




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