Dr. Michael DeRoche


Associate Professor


Ph.D. McMaster University, 1986
M.Th. Université Laval, 1979
M.A. McMaster University, 1978
B.A. (Hons) Acadia University, 1977


Office: 5010 Arts and Administration
Telephone: (709) 864-3539
Email: mderoche@mun.ca

Research Interests

Biblical studies, narratology, ancient Israelite religion, 2nd temple Judaism, early rabbinic Judaism.

Courses Taught

RELS 1000: The Religions of the World
RELS 1020: Christianity in Western Civilization
RELS 1051: Introduction to Biblical Hebrew II
RELS 2012: Introduction to Judaism and Islam
RELS 2013: Introduction to Christianity
RELS 2050: The Old Testament
RELS 2051: The New Testament
RELS 2130: Christianity from the First Century to the Middle Ages
RELS 3200: Jesus of Nazareth
RELS 3210: Paul and His Writings
RELS 3272: Bible, Culture, and Interpretation
RELS 3305: Ancient Israel
RELS 3310: Judaism at the Time of Jesus
RELS 3315: The Development of Modern Judaism
RELS 6120: Studies in Religious Texts



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