Dr. David J. Hawkin




Ph.D. McMaster University, 1974
M.A. McMaster University, 1970
B.D. (Hons.) London University, England, 1966


Office: A5030
Phone: (709) 864-8173
Email: dhawkin@mun.ca
Webpage: http://www.ucs.mun.ca/~dhawkin/

Research Interests

My primary research interest covers the study of the literature of the early Christian period. My secondary research interest centres on issues arising from the interaction of politics and religion.

Current Research

Currently, I am completing work on the origin of the climate change crisis, with special reference to the work of Francis Bacon.

Courses Taught

Winter 2016 semester
I am currently teaching the following courses:

2051 The New Testament
2810 Religion and Modern Culture
3251 The Gospel of John

I have taught over 30 different undergraduate courses and graduate courses (see list below). They range from first year introductory courses to graduate courses. They cover a diverse number of areas ranging from courses in various non-Christian religions, biblical courses, and courses in religion and culture.

1000 The Religions of the World
1010 Religion in the Modern World
1020 Christianity in Western Civilization
2012 Introduction to Western Religions
2012 (course changed) Introduction to Judaism and Islam
2050 The Old Testament
2051 The New Testament
2600 Religious Ethics
2810 Religion and Modern Culture
3060 The Prophets of Israel
3200 Jesus: His Life and Teaching
3210 Paul and His Writings
3250 Background to Christianity
3251 The Gospel of John
3271 The History of Biblical Interpretation
3275 Contemporary Issues in Biblical Interpretation
4205 The Gospel of Mark
4207 Biblical Interpretation in the Modern Period
4208 Technology and Biblical Thought
4213 Literary Criticism and the Fourth Gospel
4219 Reading Strategies and Biblical Interpretation
4998 Comprehensive Examination for Honours Students
4999 Dissertation for Honours Students
6120 Studies in Religious Texts
6211 Political Readings of the Gospel of Mark
6212 Literary Criticism and the Fourth Gospel
6213 Anti-Judaism in the New Testament
6219 Reading Strategies and Biblical Interpretation
6100 Interpretations of Religion
6210 Trends in Recent Biblical Studies
6220 Selected Topics in New Testament
6380 Selected Topics in Religion and Culture

Student Supervision

M.A. Theses

Pretty, Brad (in progress). Research topic: The Enarratio Hilaris of Raymond Kurzweil.
Scott, Linda (2010). 'My Name is Legion’: An Exploration of the Meaning of the Story of the Gerasene Demoniac in Mark 5:1-20.
Kandler, Renate (2009). Religious Belief in the Thought of Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington.
Winsor, Gail (2005). The Art of Hermes: 1 John's Defence of the Johannine Tradition.
(Mercer) Rose, Jill (2004). ‘Do Not Take Part in Her Sins’ (Rev 18:4): Revelation’s Critique of Commerce in the Roman Empire.
Williams, David (2002). Jon Sobrino and the Quest of the Historical Jesus.
Brett, Kayla V. (2001). 'Doing the Truth' and the Conflict Within the Johannine Community.
Gillingham, Michele Lynn (2001). Israel's Non-Entry into Messianic Salvation: Reflections on the Meaning of Romans 9-11 in the Light of Anti-Judaism.
Williams, Elizabeth (2001). The Father, the Son, and the Beloved Disciple: Revelation and Self-Identity in the Fourth Gospel.
Labron, Tim (1999). John 1:14a and Rudolf Bultmann's Hermeneutical Method.
Walsh, Corinne W. (1997). 'What was from the Beginning' (I John 1:1) The Priority of the Johannine Epistles and the Johannine Community.
Reynolds, Denise (1996). The Importance of the Reading Site in Liberating Exegesis: Mark 6:30-44, An Illustration.
Hodder, Bryce (1995). Christianity’s Burden of Guilt: An Examination of Lynn White’s Thesis on the Ecological Crisis in the Light of the Biblical Data.
Gregory, Krista (1995). I John in the light of the Debate on Orthodoxy and Heresy in Earliest Christianity.
Duke, Patrick (1995). The Numinous Experience and Self-Understanding in 1QH. (Co-supervised with Dr. K.I. Parker).
Jenkins, Carla (1994). The Reader and the Samaritan Woman in John 4:1-42.
Howlett, Jill (1994). The Self-Understanding of the Johannine Community: The World of the Fourth Gospel in the Prologue and John 17.
Dawe, Ronald (1993). Jews and Judaism in Mark’s Gospel: An Examination of Mark 4:11-12 in its Literary Context.

Recent Publications

I have published half a dozen academic books and one novel. Two of my more recent academic books are:

  • The Twenty-first Century Confronts its Gods: Globalization, Technology and War (New York: State University of New York Press, 2004), 222pp. Editor and contributing author.
  • The Johannine World: Reflections on the Theology of the Gospel of John and Contemporary Society (New York: State University Press of New York Press, 1996). 200pp.

A full list of my books, articles and book reviews may be found here: http://www.ucs.mun.ca/~dhawkin/CV2.htm

Recent Presentations

  • Canadian Society for the Study of Religion, Ottawa, May, 2015: "Christianity, Culpability and the Climate Change Crisis."
  • Religious Studies Symposium, Memorial University, St. John's, April 2015: "Climate Change and Bacon's Burden of Guilt."
  • International Medieval Conference, Leeds, UK, July, 2012: "The Medieval Origins of our Ecological Crisis."

A complete list may be found at: http://www.ucs.mun.ca/~dhawkin/CV2.htm



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