Global Arctic Leadership Initiative

Global Affairs Canada’s Global Arctic Leadership Initiative (GALI) is a funding program which aims to strengthen Canada’s global leadership in the Arctic. Supported by the GALI program, Memorial University has partnered with University of the Arctic (UArctic), and Yukon University to help foster collaboration in Northern Canada and ensure continuation of Canada’s initiative to build circumpolar academic cooperation. UArctic operates through a distributed leadership and orientation model concentrating on encouraging relationships and collaboration in Northern institutions throughout the circumpolar north.

Working collaboratively to complement the overall aims and values of UArctic, Yukon University and Memorial University will implement specific initiatives within the larger project.  Memorial University will build on its role as an engaged institution within Northern Canada, its extensive project management experience, and long-term involvement as an active member of UArctic, to implement four specific initiatives within the project.

Through the Global Arctic Leadership Initiative, Memorial University will manage the following project initiatives:

  • Network Engagement, Participation, and Visibility
  • Indigenous and Northern Collaborative Engagement
  • UArctic Indigenous Chairs
  • Climate Change Innovation Capacity for Youth

Memorial University is also managing and administering the following funding opportunities:

  1. The Indigenous and Northern Collaborative Research and Education Engagement Fund
  2. The Indigenous and Northern Relationship Development Fund


In partnership with Government of Canada