Telephone exchange change underway

Memorial’s St. John’s campus is getting a new telephone exchange number.

The new exchange, 864, will become effective August 9, 2010, and the old exchange, 737, will be phased out starting in early 2011.

The change is required to accommodate ongoing requests for new telephone numbers. Because the current 737 exchange is not exclusive to Memorial, there are not enough telephone numbers available within the exchange to allow Computing and Communications to assign further phone numbers to new staff, groups, services and other university units. As a result, a university wide consultation was conducted in Fall 2009 to obtain feedback from users about the various options available. The conclusion of these consultations was that most users would prefer acquiring a new telephone exchange. This would allow Memorial to maintain the use of a single exchange where users may continue to use four digit dialing internally.

The new 864 exchange has been committed to Memorial and will allow for future growth of the St. John’s campus. It should be noted that the change will only affect the St. John’s campus, excluding the Marine Institute and SWGC, Corner Brook. The change will also not affect the Schools of Nursing and Pharmacy, as well as the Faculty of Medicine as they operate under the 777 exchange within Eastern Health.

The changeover will take place over a six month period to minimize disruption to users. During that period, individual telephone numbers will switch from 737-abcd to 864-abcd.

Starting Aug. 9, 2010, the new exchange 864 will be officially introduced. No matter which exchange users choose to dial, however, there will be no change in service except for Caller ID displays and telephone directories. Both the 737 and 864 exchanges can be used interchangeably until Feb 1, 2011 without any disruption to users . After Feb. 1, 2011, anyone dialing 737 will receive a message notifying them of the change before being forwarded to their desired recipient.

The date that callers will hear “This line is out of service” after dialing 737-abcd will be determined by the project authority and steering committee based on the current usage of the exchange at that time.

Feedback on the changeover implementation is welcome. Please contact You can also visit C&C’s website to learn more.


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