Roddickton - Painted Quilts

Marie Ried is a a life-long resident of the Roddickton area who has been quilting for several decades. She first learned her textiles skills as a child, and then revisited these skills in later life. She makes Newfoundland Quilts, wedding quilts, graduation quilts, animal quilts, and religious quilts. Her images are very original and are usually painted onto the fabric. Her Newfoundland Quilts depict scenes of life on the GNP-- everything from picking berries to fishing for cod. Marie and her husband Oliver discuss her quilting practice, and then touch on different facets of life in the Roddickton area.

Reid, Marie and Oliver. A painted Newfoundland quilt made by marie Reid, Roddickton

Reid, Marie and Oliver. A wedding quilt with picket fence edging made by Marie Reid, Roddickton

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