(formerly the Mark Ferguson Collection) The daily work of the fishery had a profound impact on the culture and history of Newfoundland and Labrador. The particular method of curing fish in Newfoundland (and Atlantic Canada)--soaking in brine and sun- drying on stretches of coastline--led to the development of specific architectural forms, language, and many different aspects of occupational folklore. This collection showcases the history, hard work, and lifestyle of many Newfoundland fishing families. Mark Ferguson Collection A large section of this collection was compiled by then Memorial University Department of Folklore graduate student Mark Ferguson. The Mark Ferguson Collection consists of several audio interviews with people who worked in the Newfoundland fishery. Recorded in the early 1990s, these interviews focus mainly on the subject of salt fish. Salting is a style of fish processing with a history as long as the fishery itself. Long before the days of refrigeration, fishers and their families would work long hours salting their catches for the purposes of preservation. It was a long, skillful process that required much dedication and hard work.