Town of Fogo

The Town of Fogo sits on the northwest corner of Fogo Island and is the second largest of the eleven communities. Originally founded on the cod and seal trade, the town now maintains its fishing identity through harvesting and processing crab and lobster. Although this community identity is of great importance, the town also possesses some attractions that have given it new life as a tourist destination. The nearby geographical landmark of Brimstone Head is a large rocky outcrop that was once thought to be one of the four corners of the earth. Other landmarks in the vicinity include four resettled communities that are easily accessed by the Lion’s Den Trail. Unpopulated since the mid-1900s, very little is left of these settlements that are slowly crumbling into the rugged landscape of this area
Vew of the town of Fogo from Brimstone Head, Town of Fogo
The Town of Fogo also has two valued museums. Bleak House Museum is a historic residence which was the first structure to be officially recognized as a heritage site by the province. It is also the first building in the province to be completed under the restoration program of the Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador. Another notable museum in Fogo is the Marconi Interpretation Centre. It was in this transmitting station where Marconi is said to have conducted his wireless experiments.

Several large festivals take place in Fogo during the summer. The Great Fogo Island Punt Race: To There and Back is a yearly event that invites people from all over the Island to compete against one another. Just one week later is the Brimstone Head Folk Festival, a showcase of local musical talent that runs for three days straight.

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