Concerts and Times

This collection is comprised of a series of interviews, videos, and photos on the material of Concerts and Times in Newfoundland and Labrador. The Dictionary of Newfoundland English states that a concert is "A miscellaneous public performance of songs, recitations, skits, etc." A time is defined as "A party or celebration, esp a communal gathering with dancing, entertainment, etc." The difference between the two illustrates that a concert tends to be more formal in production than that of a time.

Concerts were an evening's entertainment, which could comprise variously of music, food, storytelling, prepared monologues or recitations, and dance. Writing on the concert tradition, folklorists Halpert and Widdowson (in "Folktales of Newfoundland" xxxi) note that "performances at the more public of these occasions included not only songs but also plays, recitations and stories. Many of these were locally composed, but many were drawn either from the older traditional repertory or had been learned more recently, sometimes from printed sources."

Mona Petten, from Port de Grave, describes a time as an event which usually involved a supper held by the ladies church group in the community. A time usually involved some crafts for sale and games for the children to play. Later in the evening a dance would end the time. This differs from concerts which she describes as involving "a lot of practicing for weeks of skits, songs, and drills." Following the concert, a supper was served and there was often a dance. Dialogues were different from both of these events. They involved acting out a story on stage for an audience.

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