Green Island Brook - Sealskin Boots

Despite its overall decline, Doreen Noseworthy continues the regional tradition of making sealskin boots. It is a time-consuming practice that requires first soaking the skin, cutting out the shape, and then hand stitching the skin two times-- once on the outside, and once inside of the boot. This double-stitching technique reinforces the boots so that they are strong enough to wear in rough terrain. She also takes the time to make pleats on her boot's toes, which is becoming a rare feature on boots along The Straits. Doreen talks all about how and why she practices the sealskin tradition, as well as some her other textile-based skills.

Noseworthy, Doreen. Doreen Noseworthy cuts some sealskin for a demonstration in making sealskin boots, Green Island Brook

Noseworthy, Doreen. Sealskin slipper ornament made by Doreen Noseworthy, Green Island Brook

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