Shoal Bay

Shoal Bay is a small community, located in a large bay known for its many dangerous shoal. At one time Shoal Bay had a shipyard, but after six years of operation and the manufacture of over thirty long liners, the shipyard fell on hard economic times and was shut down.

The platforms and slipway of the former shipyard become the perfect place for the Shorefast Foundation to have their Punt Launch. The Shorefast Foundation (formerly the Cobb Family Foundation) is invested in promoting traditional boat building on Fogo Island. During the 2006-2007 school-year they placed a boat-builder in the local high school who taught traditional wooden punt-building to interested students. They used the remains of the shipyard to hold a festival and launch the students’ punts.

Shoal Bay is also the only community on Fogo Island with a large grocery store -Cull’s Foodland, owned and operated by the Cull family. Mr. Cull has worked there since he was a young boy and has seen many changes in the food consumption of Fogo Islanders. From traditional taste to international cuisine, Mr. Cull has seen many changes in the local pallet.

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Intangible Cultural Heritage

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