Seldom-Come-By is located on the rocky shoreline that constitutes the southern part of Fogo Island. Together with neighbouring Little Seldom, this community boasts a population of 477. The harbour of Seldom-Come-By is different than most of the other Fogo community harbours in that it has few shoals or sinkers, making it quite easy for boats to navigate. At one time this would have been an attractive reason to settle down and participate in the region’s fishery.
Harbour, Seldom-Come-By
Carefully preserved in Seldom-Come-By is the original building that once housed the Fisherman’s Union Trading Company. In the days of the cod industry, this company was a merchant-run co-operative where the people of Seldom-Come-By would sell their catch and purchase supplies. Since the demise of the fishery, the historic building has been transformed into an interpretive center known as the Fogo Union Museum. This museum aims to exhibit the history of the fishery as well as Fogo’s traditional culture and lifestyle by way of various artifacts and installations.

Seldom harbour, Seldom-Come-By

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