Throughout its settlement history, Quirpon has been spelled in many different ways including Carpon, Carpunt, and Karpoon, and is pronounced locally to rhyme with harpoon. Quirpon is a former fishing community that sits on the northeastern tip of Newfoundland’s Great Northern Peninsula. The community harbour is located in the most sheltered northern bay on the island of Newfoundland. Because of its location, Quirpon harbour has attracted migratory fishermen to the region from as early as the late 1500s.

Quirpon harbour was once a popular stopping point for fishing boats traveling from to Battle Harbour in Labrador. This made the harbour a bustling place, with many different commercial services that benefited locals and passers-by alike. This changed when the cod fishery went into decline. Consequently, the schooners stopped in other harbours, and the local population diminished. Nowadays, due to the lack of sustainable services, the people of Quirpon must travel to St. Anthony or St. Lunaire to purchase their supplies.

Bayview Crafts. An exterior shot of Bayview Crafts, Quirpon

Though isolated in some respects, Quirpon has a tight-knit community that celebrates local craft by exchanging pattern and design ideas. Several women make different kinds of textiles including crochet, knitting, and regional quilts such as the wedding quilt, graduation quilt, and Newfoundland Quilt. These items can be seen and purchased in Bayview Crafts which is located along the road that links Quirpon and St. Lunaire-Griquet. Aside from textiles-based crafts, other creative Quirpon residents make wood-carvings, as well as model boats and airplanes. Particularly during summer months, these models can be seen on display in different yards around town.

Tucker, Irene. A square doily made by Irene Tucker, Quirpon

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