Privacy Rules! Privacy Tools!

These privacy compliance resources will assist employees in protecting personal information of students, employees, alumni, retirees, donors, library and bookstore patrons and others.

Privacy training is mandatory for all Memorial University employees. Please contact us to arrange a session for your unit.

Mandatory under Policy

  • Privacy Compliance Checklist  Excel file - A compliance check-list is mandatory for all new projects involving the collection, use, retention and/or disclosure of personal information. It can be used to assess electronic data stores or paper records. This check-list will enable you to identify privacy gaps in your project or areas of non-compliance.
  • Privacy notices - Whenever you collect information directly from a person, the form you use (whether online or paper) must contain a privacy notice. These samples can be used to help with the development of privacy notices for use in your department.
  • Data Protection Schedule - Data Protection Schedules (within/outside Canada are mandatory for all agreements with external parties (e.g., consultants, contractors, etc.) involving personal information: A data protection schedule states the privacy obligations of the external party in respect of personal information.
  • Researcher Agreement  Word file - To be completed by researchers seeking access to data held by the university.

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