ForecastNL Materials

Our ForcecastNL series ran from March 2021 to October 2022 and featured 11 public sessions on local and relevant topics related to climate change, and its impacts on our environment, economy, and society.

In addition to the public sessions, we created and shared many informative items on our website, from infographics to report briefs to slideshows, all dedicated to sharing knowledge about climate change, in a way that allows newcomers to the topic to understand. All materials for each session can be found below.

Climate Change: External Resources

The focus of Forecast NL was on the impacts of climate change on Newfoundland and Labrador; however, throughout the series, many of our experts introduced online resources that apply to a broader context. We've included a list of these external sources below:





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Session #1: Introduction to ForecastNL




From Vital Signs 2021



Session #2: Environmental Impacts 





From Vital Signs 2022




Session #3: Economic Impacts 






Session #4: Impacts of Climate Change in Labrador 




Session #5: Societal Impacts 




Session #6: Oil & Gas 




Session #7: Fisheries & Oceans 




Session #8: Clean Tech 




Session #9: Renewable Energy




Session #10: Communities & Infrastructure




Session 11: Food & Farming 




Want to learn more but not sure where to start or who to ask?

Check out this collection of resources from Memorial Faculty and Researchers.

Note: These lists are not exhausted, but were compiled from submissions sent to the Harris Centre from interested parties at Memorial. Check out departmental websites if you can't find what you're looking for here.