Established by Dr. Alvin Simms and Jamie Ward (in collaboration with Dr. David Freshwater and the Harris Centre’s director, Dr. Rob Greenwood), RAnLab emerged about 10 years ago. The group recognized that the province was in need of demographic and labour market information that focused on the specific, regional nature of the province. Although the province was coming out of an unprecedented economic boom at the time, Newfoundland and Labrador was also facing a declining and aging population and increasing urbanization. It was critical for people in the province to be presented with a clear and accurate  picture of the province’s future demographic reality in order to start moving towards solutions, and that's exactly what RAnLab does.

What We Do

The Harris Centre Regional Analytics Laboratory (RAnLab) focuses on the use of regional economic and spatial analytics to quantitatively assess the capacity and sustainability of industries, labour markets, and the population of places for the purpose of informing evidence based policies for regional development.

RAnLab has worked with partners of all levels to develop a series of operational geo-spatial supply chain and regional analytics models that can assess the localized impacts of any present or projected future changes in demography, commodity prices, technology, labour markets, and housing demands, as well as industries and services including transportation and health care delivery. This includes modelling the effects of the introduction, reorganization, or removal of industries or services from a region.


"What is RAnLab?" (PDF)

Click above to download a PDF version of our introduction to RAnLab.

Who We Are

Jamie Ward
Manager, RAnLab
email: jward@mun.ca

Meghan Eibner
Policy Analyst
email: meibner@mun.ca 

For more information, please email Jamie or Meghan at the emails listed above.

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