Enhanced Oil Recovery

  • EOR Screening
  • WAG
  • CO2 Integration
  • Low Salinity Water Flooding
  • Water Alternating Gas Injection
  • Gas Injection
  • Chemical EOR

Routine and Specialized Core Analysis

  • Reservoir Characterization
  • Porosimetry
  • Permeametry
  • Relative Permeability and End Point Saturation
  • Capillary Pressure
  • Texture and Pore Size Distribution
  • Pore-Scale Visualization at High-Pressure and High-Temperature (HPHT)

Digital Oilfields

  • Reservoir Simulation
  • Production Optimization
  • Reservoir Surveillance
  • Application of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligience

Flow Assurance

  • Wax Formation and Asphaltene Precipitation
  • Scale and Hydrate Formation

Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS)

  • Carbon Geosequestration

Reservoir Fluid Analysis

  • Reservoir Fluid PVT & Compositional Analysis
  • Physical Properties Measurement (Viscosity and Density) at HPHT Conditions

Rock-Fluid Interactions

  • Wettability
  • Interfacial Tension
  • Contact Angle