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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Oil and Gas Engineering
The PhD program, which normally takes four years to complete, comprises two courses beyond the master’s level and an original research thesis.

Masters of Engineering (MEng)
Research based masters programs focused on oil and gas engineering. This is two year program which includes four technical courses and research thesis.
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Master of Applied Science (MASc)
MASc is course based masters programs which is related to Oil and Gas Engineering. This is one year program which primarily focus on providing latest technical knowledge on upstream, production, and downstream aspects of oil and gas engineering. The program will also address serious issues faced by the oil and gas industries, such as sustainable development, environmental protection, risk, reliability and safety.
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Engi 9110 - Advanced Petroleum Production Engineering
Engi 9111 - Well Testing
Engi 9113 - Phase Behaviour of Pteroleum Reservoir Fluids
Engi 9114 - Advanced Reservoir Engineering
Engi 9117 - Offshore Petroleum Geology
Engi 9118 - Advanced Drilling Engineering
Engi 9120 - Advanced Natural Gas Engineering


Student Society of Petroleum Engineers