The PetroBowl contest is SPE's largest student competition. SPE Chapters from around the world participate in this quick-fire quiz. Teams participate in Regional Qualifiers for a chance to attend the international championship games at SPE's Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition.


Student Paper Contest

Student members are invited to show their technical expertise by presenting original work to a panel of judges. The top students from each degree level and region are invited to present at an international stage and be published in OnePetro®.


Ambassador Lecturer Program

The Ambassador Lecturer Program (ALP) educates, informs, and develops the industry's future engineers. Young Professionals (YPs) visit Chapters, universities, and secondary schools in their region to disseminate E&P industry information, answer students' questions, and share their professional experiences.



Through eMentoring, Student Members can connect and learn industry insights while gaining practical career advice from young and experienced professionals. It's easy to communicate via email, Skype, LinkedIn, or other social media platforms at a chosen time that suits both individuals.



Scholarships and Fellowships

SPE offers scholarships and fellowships for undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees related to the oil and gas industry. International recipients are selected by an international panel of judges each year. Local Section-sponsored scholarships may also be available.


League of Volunteers

Give back to SPE and the industry with the League of Volunteers! SPE Cares workshops and team-building exercises are just some of the opportunities available for students to develop various skills.

SPE Connect

This global online forum is for members to discuss technical and non-technical topics. Ask about upcoming events, technical advice, and industry updates, or simply form friendships with like-minded members around the world.

Other Resources