Join SPE

To join the SPE MUN Chapter, you must join the international section. For more information about the international section, see the following the video or follow the procedure shown below. Registration is FREE for students thanks to our corporate sponsor Chevron.

  1. Go to
  2. On the Student column, click "Join SPE"
  3. Confirm that you have met the qualifications for SPE Membership and select the country
  4. Select the option "Free – 1 Year Membership - I agree the membership cost will be paid by the corporate sponsor" and click next.
  5. Click on "New user registration" and create a profile using your MUN email (or personal email account).
  6. Fill the required information (first and last name, address, postal code, etc.)
  7. Under the "Education" section, make sure you select "Memorial University of Newfoundland" in the University name.
  8. In the "Membership" section, select the Journal you want to have access to and click on "Pay Now" (the final cost should be $0.00 USD)
  9. You will be assigned an SPE student number
  10. Joining the international section, you will be automatically a member of SPE-MUN Student Chapter as well; no further action is required. Welcome to SSPE!