Data Analysis and Reporting

CIAP receives, gathers, analyses and summarizes data on matters of strategic importance to the university. Activities in the analytical area include data analysis and reporting (including descriptive and inferential statistics, and predictive analytics), compiling comparative and trend information, and maintaining official statistics for the University.

Analytical work includes regular reporting and ad hoc requests that may be compiled for pan-university purposes or to address specific information requirements for academic and administrative units, committees, and governing bodies.

Analysis is conducted using data from the institution’s student, human resources and financial systems, institutional surveys, or other internal and external datasets, and includes the following general categories:

• Enrolments and registrations
• High school demographics and participation rates
• Academic performance
• Degree progressions and completion
• Academic program costing
• Finance and budget analysis
• Research awards and bibliometrics
• Environmental scans, trends and comparative institutional data
• University rankings (E.g. MacLeans, Times Higher Education, QS, Leiden)
• Survey data analysis

If you have any inquiries about data analysis and reporting, please contact the CIAP office at