Scott Leithead and Nelson Nagenda 2017

Scott Leithead, Kokopelli ChoirsInternationally acclaimed conductor Scott Leithead, with his colleague Nelson Nagenda, brought a diversity of choral experiences to the local community choirs of Gander, Clarenville, and St. John's, March 2nd to 5th, 2017. 

Scott Leithead is the founder and artistic director of Edmonton's Kokopelli choir Association and TIME Jazz Association, and a prestigious conductor among various vocal groups across North America. He has conducted many groups including the Alberta Youth Choir and the Ellison Canadian National Honour Choir. Celebrated for his unique experience with the Mascato Youth Choir in Namibia, Leithead brings an enthusiasm for South African music to his innovative choral practice. 

Nelson Nagenda is a singer from Namibia currently visiting and performing with the Kokopelli Choir Association in Edmonton, Alberta.

Leithead and Nagenda began their residency in Gander and Clarenville where they facilitated professional learning sessions in partnership with the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District, and conducted workshops with community choirs. In total, choirs from eleven communities participated from the Gander area and five communities (with 250 students) in the Clarenville area. In St. John's, 170 high school students and 930 elementary and junior high students participated in a "Choral Connections" day from in and around St. John's.

Our guests led choristers in St. John's through a series of workshops with local schools, churches, and community choirs, including the CARA choir, Lady Cove Women's Choir, Atlantic Girl's Choir, Aurora Women's Choir, QVE Mixed Choirs, Cantus Vocum Chamber Choir, and La Rose de Vents. Leithead also led a Mass Church Choir workshop and a series of School Choir Workshops at Holy Heart of Mary High School.

On Sunday, March 5th, Leithead and Nagenda conducted and sang in the culminating "Singers Helping Singers" concert held at Gower Street United Church in sponsorship of local youth singers' participation in the National Youth Choir. Hosted by the BCECM in collaboration with local organizations, they shared their passion for choral music with the singers of St. John's.