2014 Grant Recipients


The BCECM is pleased to announce the recipients of grants in the 2014 competition.



Research Grants

Carolyn Chong: “Making ‘Joyful Noise’ Together: Exploring the Impact of Choral Singing on Individual and Community Health and Wellbeing”

Tom Gordon: “Pillorikput inuit: Inuktitut: Arias for All Seasons”

Andrea Rose: “The Singing Network”

Chris Tonelli: “The Histories and Methods of Choral Improvisation and Extranormal Vocality Research Project”






Community Project Grants

Atlantic Light Theatre: “A Call to Arms”

Kerri MacPhee/Churchill Falls Corporation: “Churchill Falls Choral Symposium”

St. David’s Presbyterian Church: “St. David’s Choral Scholars Program”

St. John’s Native Friendship Centre: “Collaboration of Aboriginal Artists”

Soundbone Traditional Arts Foundation: “Songs of Comfort and Joy”

Lady Cove Women’s Choir: “No Matter What – A new choral theatre work by Jonathan Monro, commissioned and performed by Lady Cove Women’s Choir”


For information on upcoming grants, please contact choralcentre@mun.ca.