Guidelines for Equitable Project Design

Bruneau Centre for Excellence in Choral Music
Guidance for Equitable Project Design

Although explicit answers to these questions are not required to accompany your grant application, we encourage you to consider the intended and unintended consequences of the project you are proposing to undertake, including the following:

- Whom does this project serve? Whom might be negatively impacted by this work?
- When identifying who will be benefiting from and/or be engaged in our proposed initiative, have we asked, “Who’s not here?”
- What perspectives or lived experiences might be missing from our project team?
- Have we chosen partners that align with our values?

- Does this project advance the discussion on equity, engage new voices, or elevate perspectives that have previously been silent?
- If we are partnering with a grassroots/community partner, are they receiving fair recognition for their work? Fair remuneration for their contributions? Are they being given significant decision-making and creative power?

- Will this project result in increased equity? Will it change the status quo?

- Have we considered the social and political history of the site where our proposed initiative will take place?