Graduate Students

Ph.D. students


Chelsee Arbour

Indigenous peoples of Québec / Labrador peninsula, Maritime Archaic, quartz, landscape archaeology, narrative construction, knowledge practices, cultural identity.Dr. Peter Whitridge

Mélissa Burns

Historical archaeology, social history and historical anthropology, Atlantic Canada, French cod fisheries, taskscapes, landscape archaeology.Dr. Peter Pope

Jamie Brake

Heritage policy and legislation, Inuit, Nunatsiavut.Dr. Lisa Rankin

John Andrew Campbell

Precontact and Contact Archaeology, Ethnohistory, Hybridity, Landscape Ethnoecology, Entanglement.Dr. Michael Deal

Amy Chase

Prehistoric art, rock art, personal ornamentation, symbolism, Neandertals, Cognitive Archaeology.Dr. Oscar Moro Abadía 


Art Clausnitzer

Colonial North America, cod fisheries, early resource extraction industries, vernacular architecture, material culture studies.Dr. Barry Gaulton

Tom Cromwell

Historical archaeology, military archaeology, fortifications, Newfoundland.
Dr. Barry Gaulton

Katy D'Agostino

Pre- and early contact Inuit populations in Labrador, community/public archaeology, applied archaeology, maritime resource acquisition.Dr. Lisa Rankin

Michelle Davies

Hebron, Nunatsiavut, Labrador Inuit, relocation, community/ public archaeology, historical archaeology.Dr. Lisa Rankin

Frédéric Dussault

Pre-contact archaeology, environmental archaeology, palaeoecology, palaeoethnobotany, archaeoentomology, Dorset archaeology, historical ecology, hunter-gatherer archaeology.Dr. Vaughan Grimes / Dr. Trevor Bell

Deidre Elliott

Labrador Inuit, whaling, zooarchaeology, mobility and trade, human-animal relations, socioeconomy.Dr. Lisa Rankin / Dr. Peter Whitridge

Catherine Jalbert

Archaeological theory and method, history of archaeological thought and practice, cultural resource management, education, gender.Dr. Lisa Rankin / Dr. Meghan Burchell

Adrian Morrison

Historical archaeology, Northeastern North America, Nova Scotia, trades and industries, vernacular architecture, households, early modern capitalism.Dr. Barry Gaulton / Dr. Michael Deal 

Jess Munkittrick

Bioarchaeology, stable and radiogenic isotope analyses, childhood, North Eastern North America, Caribbean, health, historical archaeology, medical history.Dr. Vaughan Grimes

Claire Poirier

Heritage sites, buffalo, Plains Cree, law, Alberta; ontological encounters, conflicts, and compatibilities.Dr. Mario Blaser

Asta Rand

Bioarchaeology, human osteology, archaeological chemistry, isotopic analysis, residential mobility, diet, health, Mesoamerican and Maya archaeology.Dr. Vaughan Grimes

Brent Suttie

Archaeological predictive modelling, precontact mobility models, landscape archaeology, archaeological method, early Holocene archaeology of Northeastern North America. Dr. Scott Neilsen

Bryn Tapper

Rock art, landscape archaeology,  ethnography, ethnohistory, relational ontology, Maritime Algonquian culture.Dr. Oscar Moro Abadía / Dr. Michael Deal

Susana Vallejos

Material culture, ships, nationalism, symmetry, things, heritage, interpretation.Dr. Oscar Moro Abadía / Dr. Catherine Losier

James Williamson

Beothuk, Settlement Patterns, Geographical Information Systems, Photogrammetry, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Predictive Modelling.Dr. Lisa Rankin

M.A. students


JD Archer

Historical archaeology, vernacular architecture, households, cemeteries, 17th Century Ferryland, Newfoundland.Dr. Barry Gaulton

Julia Brenan

Community archaeology, memory and place, WWII archaeology, Labrador archaeology, tourism and archaeology.Dr. Scott Neilsen

Rachelle Brydon

Bioarchaeology, human osteology, Roman Empire, women in the
ancient world, migration and mobility.
Dr. Vaughan Grimes

Andrew Collins

Inuit-European contact and exchange, material culture, ceramics, historical archaeology.Dr. Lisa Rankin

Jennifer Comeau

Historical archaeology, English fisheries, foodways, 17th-century Ferryland, Newfoundland.
Dr. Barry Gaulton

David Craig

Landscape archaeology, monumentality and visibility, mobility, spatial analysis, phenomenology, Northern Labrador.Dr. Peter Whitridge

Vince Jankunis

Resource procurement, settlement patterns, cultural exchange, hunter-gatherer societies, maritime archaeology, CRM.Dr. Lisa Rankin

Anita Johnson-Henke

Human migration/colonization of northeastern North America, Maritime Archaic, biogeography, ethnobotany, lithic materials, material culture, trade, intertidal/coastal archaeology.Dr. Trevor Bell / Dr. Michael Deal

Annique Jones-Doyle

Historical archaeology, French fisheries, Atlantic Canada, material culture, identity, embodiment.Dr. Barry Gaulton

Emma Lewis-Sing

Palaeoethnobotany, Environmental Archaeology, Beothuk-European relations, Ferryland, Newfoundland.Dr. Michael Deal / Dr. Barry Gaulton

Meghann Livingston

Historical Archaeology, Atlantic colonial world, French colonies, material culture studies, landscape archaeology, 17th and 18th century Saint-Pierre et Miquelon.Dr. Catherine Losier

Natasha Miller

Indigenous archaeology, postcolonial theory, ontology, contact archaeology.Dr. Mario Blaser / Dr. Scott Neilsen 

Simon Newcombe

Military archaeology, conflict archaeology, historical archaeology, medieval archaeology, arms and armour, Newfoundland.Dr. Barry Gaulton

Ian Petty

Historical archaeology, NE America, ceramic consumption patterns and analysis, trade economics and networks, material culture, household archaeology.Dr. Barry Gaulton

François P. Levasseur

Palaeo-Inuit, Dorset, Harpoon Heads, Photogrammetry, Arctic, Experimental Archaeology.Dr. Peter Whitridge

Kayley Sherret

European-Indigenous interaction in Labrador, post-colonial archaeology, cultural exchange, community involvement.Dr. Lisa Rankin

Jacinda Sinclair

Northern and Arctic Canada, Inuit whaling and trade, history of archaeology.Dr. Lisa Rankin

Anna Sparrow

Pacific Northwest Coast, sclerochronology, dogs, human-canine relationships, stable isotope analysis, subsistence strategies.Dr. Meghan Burchell

Alexa Spiwak

Historical archaeology, colonial industries, experimental archaeology, archaeological conservation, 17th century Ferryland, NL.Dr. Barry Gaulton

Meghan Walley

Non-binary gender, shamanism, pre-contact Inuit, queer theory, post-colonial archaeology, Eastern Arctic, Labrador.Dr. Peter Whitridge

Duncan Williams

Historical archaeology, military archaeology, material culture, GIS applications, northeastern North America, landscape evolution.Dr. Barry Gaulton

Allan Wolfrum

Geophysics, magnetometry, ground penetrating radar, prehistoric, Labrador.Dr. Scott Neilsen


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