Graduate Students

Ph.D. students


Chelsee Arbour

Indigenous peoples of Québec / Labrador peninsula; Maritime Archaic; quartz; landscape archaeology; narrative construction; knowledge practices; cultural identity.Dr. Peter Whitridge

Megan Bower

Bioarchaeology; human osteology; forensic archaeology; stable and radiogenic isotope analyses; diet, health and mobility patterns in past populations; Ontario archaeology.Dr. Vaughan Grimes

Mélissa Burns

Historical archaeology; social history and historical anthropology; Atlantic Canada; French cod fisheries; taskscapes; landscape archaeology.Dr. Peter Pope

Jamie Brake

Heritage policy and legislation; Inuit; Nunatsiavut.Dr. Lisa Rankin

John Andrew Campbell

Precontact and Contact Archaeology; Ethnohistory; Hybridity; Landscape Ethnoecology; Entanglement.Dr. Michael Deal

Amy Chase

Prehistoric art; rock art; personal ornamentation; symbolism; Neandertals; Cognitive Archaeology.Dr. Oscar Moro Abadía 

Art Clausnitzer

Colonial North America; cod fisheries; early resource extraction industries; vernacular architecture; material culture studies.Dr. Barry Gaulton

Tom Cromwell

Historical archaeology; military archaeology; fortifications; Newfoundland.
Dr. Barry Gaulton

Katy D'Agostino

Pre- and early contact Inuit populations in Labrador; community/public archaeology; applied archaeology; maritime resource acquisition.Dr. Lisa Rankin

Michelle Davies

Hebron; Nunatsiavut; Labrador Inuit; relocation; community/ public archaeology; historical archaeology.Dr. Lisa Rankin

Frédéric Dussault

Pre-contact archaeology; environmental archaeology; palaeoecology; palaeoethnobotany; archaeoentomology; Dorset archaeology; historical ecology; hunter-gatherer archaeology.Dr. Vaughan Grimes / Dr. Trevor Bell

Deidre Elliot

Inuit; whaling; zooarchaeology; Labrador.Dr. Peter Whitridge / Dr. Lisa Rankin

Catherine Jalbert

Archaeological theory and method; history of archaeological thought and practice; cultural resource management; education; gender.Dr. Lisa Rankin / Dr. Meghan Burchell

Adrian Morrison

Historical archaeology; Northeastern North America; Nova Scotia; trades and industries; vernacular architecture; households; early modern capitalism.Dr. Barry Gaulton / Dr. Michael Deal 

Jess Munkittrick

Bioarchaeology; stable and radiogenic isotope analyses; childhood; North Eastern North America; Caribbean; health; historical archaeology; medical history.Dr. Vaughan Grimes

Claire Poirier

Heritage sites; buffalo; Plains Cree; law; Alberta; ontological encounters, conflicts, and compatibilities.Dr. Mario Blaser

Asta Rand

Bioarchaeology; human osteology; archaeological chemistry; isotopic analysis; residential mobility; diet; health; Mesoamerican and Maya archaeology.Dr. Vaughan Grimes

Brent Suttie

Archaeological predictive modelling; precontact mobility models; landscape archaeology; archaeological method; early Holocene archaeology of Northeastern North America. Dr. Scott Neilsen

Bryn Tapper

Rock art; landscape archaeology;  ethnography; ethnohistory; relational ontology; Maritime Algonquian culture.Dr. Oscar Moro Abadía / Dr. Michael Deal

Susana Vallejos

Material culture; ships; nationalism; symmetry; things; heritage; interpretation.Dr. Peter Pope / Dr. Oscar Moro Abadía

James Williamson

Beothuk; settlement patterns; Newfoundland.Dr. Lisa Rankin

M.A. students


JD Archer

Historical archaeology; vernacular architecture; households; cemeteries; 17th Century Ferryland, Newfoundland.Dr. Barry Gaulton

Julia Brenan

Community archaeology; memory and place; WWII archaeology; Labrador archaeology; tourism and archaeology.Dr. Scott Neilsen

Rachelle Brydon

Bioarchaeology; human osteology; Roman Empire; women in the
ancient world; migration and mobility.
Dr. Vaughan Grimes

Andrew Collins

Inuit-European contact and exchange; material culture; ceramics; historical archaeology.Dr. Lisa Rankin

Jennifer Comeau

Historical archaeology; English fisheries; foodways; 17th-century Ferryland, Newfoundland.
Dr. Barry Gaulton

David Craig

Landscape archaeology; monumentality and visibility; mobility; spatial analysis; phenomenology; Northern Labrador.Dr. Peter Whitridge

Vince Jankunis

Resource procurement; settlement patterns; cultural exchange; hunter-gatherer societies; maritime archaeology; CRM.Dr. Lisa Rankin

Anita Johnson-Henke

Human migration/colonization of northeastern North America; Maritime Archaic; biogeography; ethnobotany; lithic materials; material culture; trade; intertidal/coastal archaeology.Dr. Trevor Bell / Dr. Michael Deal

Annique Jones-Doyle

Historical archaeology; French fisheries; Atlantic Canada; material culture; identity; embodiment.Dr. Peter Pope

Natasha Leclerc

Sclerochronology; subsistence strategies; seasonal settlement patterns; oxygen isotope analysis; trace element analysis; British Columbia.Dr. Meghan Burchell

Emma Lewis-Sing

Palaeoethnobotany; Environmental Archaeology; Beothuk-European relations; Ferryland; Newfoundland.Dr. Michael Deal / Dr. Barry Gaulton

Meghann Livingston

Historical Archaeology; Atlantic colonial world; French colonies; material culture studies; landscape archaeology, 17th and 18th century Saint-Pierre et Miquelon.Dr. Catherine Losier

Courtney Merner

Biogeochemistry; Chalcolithic; mobility; burial; Murcia, Spain.Dr. Vaughan Grimes

Natasha Miller

Indigenous archaeology; postcolonial theory; ontology; contact archaeology.Dr. Mario Blaser / Dr. Scott Neilsen 

Simon Newcombe

Military archaeology; conflict archaeology; historical archaeology; medieval archaeology; arms and armour; Newfoundland.Dr. Barry Gaulton

Ian Petty

Historical archaeology; NE America; ceramic consumption patterns and analysis; trade economics and networks; material culture; household archaeology.Dr. Barry Gaulton

François P. Levasseur

Palaeo-Inuit, Dorset; Harpoon Heads; Photogrammetry; Arctic; Experimental Archaeology.Dr. Peter Whitridge

Kayley Sherret

European-Indigenous interaction in Labrador; post-colonial archaeology; cultural exchange; community involvement.Dr. Lisa Rankin

Jacinda Sinclair

Northern and Arctic Canada; Inuit whaling and trade; history of archaeology.Dr. Lisa Rankin

Anna Sparrow

Pacific Northwest Coast; sclerochronology; dogs; human-canine relationships; stable isotope analysis; subsistence strategies.Dr. Meghan Burchell

Alexa Spiwak

Historical archaeology; colonial industries; experimental archaeology; archaeological conservation; 17th century Ferryland, NL.Dr. Barry Gaulton

Meghan Walley

Non-binary gender; shamanism; pre-contact Inuit; queer theory; post-colonial archaeology; Eastern Arctic; Labrador.Dr. Peter Whitridge

Duncan Williams

Historical archaeology; military archaeology; material culture; GIS applications; northeastern North America; landscape evolution.Dr. Barry Gaulton

Allan Wolfrum

Geophysics; magnetometry; ground penetrating radar; prehistoric; Labrador.Dr. Scott Neilsen


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