Teaching and Learning Framework Projects

Dr. Travis FridgenThe Teaching and Learning Framework (TLF) Funding competition (2015-2017) encouraged the exploration of creative and innovative practices in teaching and learning on the St. John's campus. It provided funding to support short-term pilot projects and proof of concept type initiatives. Past recipients and ongoing projects within the Faculty of Science are outlined here:

2016-2017 Funded Projects in the Faculty of Science

TITLE: CONNECT! High-Fidelity Virtual Music Rehearsals with the Click of a Button
PRINCIPAL APPLICANT: Yuanzhu Chen (Faculty of Science)
CO-APPLICANTS: Jason Caslor (School of Music); Richard Blenkinsopp (School of Music); Vernon Regehr (School of Music); Ali Alfosool (Faculty of Science); Kerri MacPhee (School of Music)

TITLE: Enhancement of the Chemistry Undergraduate (UG) Program through the Addition of a Bench Top Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Instrument 
PRINCIPAL APPLICANT: Michael Katz (Faculty of Science)
CO-APPLICANTS: Graham Bodwell (Faculty of Science); Travis Fridgen (Faculty of Science); Christopher Rowley (Faculty of Science); Francesca Kerton (Faculty of Science); Cliff McCarthy (Faculty of Science); Nick Ryan (Faculty of Science); Cora Young (Faculty of Science); Mason Lawrence (Faculty of Science)

TITLE: Impact of QR-Based In-Class Assignments on Student Engagement and Retention
PRINCIPAL APPLICANT: Richard Goulding (Faculty of Science)
CO-APPLICANT: Anna M. Harlick (Faculty of Science)

TITLE: Mobilizing Knowledge on the Trails: Interdisciplinary Experiential Learning in the Environment
PRINCIPAL APPLICANT: Lisa Russell (Student Life)
CO-APPLICANTS: Rodolphe Devillers (Faculty of Science); Yuanzhu Chen (Faculty of Science); Maria Mayr (Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences); Dan Duda (QEII Library Map Room); Randy Murphy (East Coast Trail Association); Terry Bishop-Stirling (Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences); Shannon Lewis-Simpson (Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences); David Mercer (QEII Map Room)

TITLE: Online Assignments in First Year Mathematics Courses
PRINCIPAL APPLICANT: Danny Dyer (Faculty of Science)
CO-APPLICANTS: John Craighead (Mathematics & Statistics); Chris Callahan (Mathematics and Statistics/School of Maritime Studies); Rebecca Milley (Math, Grenfell Campus); Tara Stuckless (Mathematics and Statistics); Pam Philips (CITL)

TITLE: Open Personalized Learning Resources for Introductory Biology
PRINCIPAL APPLICANT: Anna Rissanen (Faculty of Science)
CO-APPLICANTS: Jane Costello (CITL); Sally Goddard (Faculty of Science); Margaret Caldwell (Faculty of Science); Piotr Trela (Faculty of Science)

TITLE: Studying the Feasibility and Implementation of a “Semester in Dialogue” at Memorial University
PRINCIPAL APPLICANT: Mike Clair (Harris Centre)
CO-APPLICANTS: Mark Abrahams (Faulty of Science); Lisa Browne (Stella’s Circle); Dan Meades (Transition House Association of NL); Andrea Rose (Faculty of Education) Taylor Stocks (Harris Centre)

2015-2016 Funded Projects in the Faculty of Science

TITLE: Development of Interactive Texts to Assist Learning in Undergraduate Mathematics 
PRINCIPAL APPLICANT: Margo Kondratieva (Faculty of Education)

TITLE: Fostering Engagement in Teaching and Learning Through Discipline Specific Embedded Teaching Support
CO-APPLICANTS: Lynne Phillips (Faculty of Arts); Aimee Surprenant (Faculty of Science)

TITLE: Graduate Program in Mathematics Teaching
PRINCIPAL APPLICANT: Danny Dyer (Faculty of Science)
CO-APPLICANTS: Eduardo Martinez-Pedroza (Faculty of Science); John Hoben (DELTS)

TITLE: Learning Module Pilot on Academic Integrity for All First Year Students
PRINCIPAL APPLICANT: Victoria Greey (Office of the Registrar)
CO-APPLICANTS: Asan Mohideen (Graduate Student Union); Beth Ryan (Faculty of Arts); Carla Dillon (School of Pharmacy); Christine Molloy (Academic and Student Affairs); Crystal Rose (Grenfell and Harlow Campus); Echo Pittman (Academic Advising); Jennifer Porter (Office of the Registrar); Katherine Gallagher (Faculty of Business Administration); Katherine Side (School of Graduate Studies); Leah Robertson (MUNSU); Lorna Adcock (Health Sciences Library); Peter Trnka (Faculty of Arts); Ruth Hickey (DELTS); Travis Fridgen (Faculty of Science)


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