Distinguished Service Award

The Dean of Science Distinguished Service Award recognizes service demonstrably superior to that normally expected of staff members, in areas including:

Rick Goulding

  • Job performance to a high standard and in a manner helping the Faculty of Science to achieve its objectives
  • Efforts to make the Faculty of Science a welcome community for students, faculty and staff
  • Actions to help students, faculty, and colleagues in their work
  • Actions to make the Faculty of Science better known and respected in the community at large

Distinguished Service Award Recipients

2019 - Dr. Rick Goulding, Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography
- Nick Ryan, Department of Chemistry
- Bonita Smith, Life Science Stores
 - Cindy Milley, Department of Computer Science 
 - Michelle Miskell, Department of Earth Sciences 
- Craig Skinner, Department of Biochemistry
2013 - Danny Boyce, Ocean Sciences Centre
2012 - Ms. Linda Gaborko, Department of Psychology
2011 - Ms. Roberta Hicks, Department of Earth Sciences
2010 - Ms. Connie Short, Ocean Sciences Centre
2009 - Ms. Rosalind English, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
2008 - Ms. Joy Simmons, Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography
2007 - Ms. Christine Everson, Department of Biology
2007 - Ms. Delores Wheeler, Ocean Sciences Centre
2005 - Mr. Henry Murphy, Department of Biochemistry
2005 - Mr. Raymund Pätzold, Department of Earth Sciences
2004 - Mr. Cliff McCarthy, Department of Chemistry
2004 - Ms. Elaine Boone, Department of Computer Science
2004 - Mr. Roger Guest & Mr. Wayne Holly, Dept of Physics & Physical Oceanography
2003 - Ms. Linda Corbett, Department of Chemistry
2003 - Ms. Mary Flinn, Department of Chemistry
2003 - Mr. J. Nolan White, Department of Computer Science


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