Appointment procedures

To be appointed as a Postdoc:

  • Successful Postdoctoral Fellows will be advised of the formal decision by way of a letter of appointment. Only those who are accepted for a Postdoctoral position will be notified by letter.
  • The letter of appointment will be issued by the appropriate Dean or Associate Vice-President (for Grenfell Campus and the Marine Institute).
  • The letter of appointment will include: nature of research to be undertaken, start and end dates of the contract, annual compensation, any special conditions, name of supervisor and academic unit, link to collective agreement, and a link to the University Policy on Postdoctoral Fellows.
  • Academic units should contact the Office of Faculty Relations for template appointment letters.
  • Postdocs are encouraged to seek clarity on rate of pay, hours of work, method of evaluation, professional development opportunities, facilities (including office), etc.
  • Postdocs should return a signed copy of the letter of appointment to the University to formally accept the offer together with Employee ID Request Form

After a candidate has formally accepted the appointment, the academic unit will notify the Department of Human Resources. To facilitate payroll set-up, PDF-E's should then submit a completed Application for Direct Deposit and a copy of their Social Insurance Number card to their academic unit at Memorial. PDF-E's are advised to review further information regarding wellness, the Employee Assistance Program, and other programs and services offered by the Department of Human Resources on the HR website. Postdoctoral fellows should also follow the instructions on the arrival and settlement page.