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The journal is the main project of the M. Phil. degree in Humanities. It may take the form of a traditional M.A. thesis, or be closer to a thoughtful diary, or a series of creative artworks accompanied by written analysis, or an assemblage of images and writing in hypertext, film, etc.

The name, along with the ways in which the journal is constructed during the course of the program, imply a continuous and open process of discovery and expression. The journal records a journey through a series of explorations more so than a summary or logical reconstruction of a research or thesis project.

The journal is a tool useful for individual thought, for coursework, and for a final critical synthesis of the student's learning within the program as a whole.

The journal, as an essay or voyage out, reflects the exploratory and integrative purpose of the program.

As an assemblage or montage of elements collected day by day during the course of the program it serves as a notebook of ideas, images, and sources. It may contain notes on lectures, precis of discussions, reflections on readings, jottings for future work, and so on.

As a running course of reflections the journal serves as a depository of material to be worked into major projects for courses and for the journal as a final submission for the M. Phil. degree.