Library and other resources

library The Queen Elizabeth II Library is one of the great strengths of Memorial University.

The library is housed in a large, striking modern building and contains over a million books (plus one and a half million microforms). The collection is particularly rich in literature, philosophy, linguistics, folklore, and other subjects in the humanities. Carrel space is available for students in the humanities program.

Humanities students also have principal access to the Dawson collection, approximately three thousand books in philosophy and related subjects donated to the university by Peter Dawson, a former head of the department of philosophy.

Books from the Dawson collection provide an accessible and unique resource to students; although books may not be removed from the Dawson collection, the room provides a quiet place for reading.

In addition to library carrels and the Dawson room, a small graduate room is also available, with two computers, a mimeograph machine, desks, telephone, and shelf space. Student mail is delivered to this room via the humanities program.


The reference room for the philosophy department is also available for use by humanities students, as a reading space and a small collection of books in philosophy and on the history of philosophy.

All graduate students are eligible for accounts on the university's mainframe computer, for email, internet, library catalogue searching, and preparation of work.


There are several computer labs on campus with state of the art equipment and laser printing. The new Digital Media Lab also provides access to new digital media technologies.