Psychiatry Scholarship Day

The Discipline of Psychiatry holds an annual Scholarship & Awards Day, consisting of presentations and posters. Residents and faculty may present at the Psychiatry Scholarship & Awards Day. Attendance and participation is not limited to members within the Discipline of Psychiatry. Others may attend and submit an abstract for presentations or posters, including members of other disciplines within the Faculty of Medicine, and other Faculties within Memorial University, such as Pharmacy and Nursing, and Eastern Health.

Psychiatry Scholarship Day Programs

Psychiatry Scholarship Day 2022 Program

Psychiatry Scholarship Day 2021 Program

Psychiatry Awards Program 2019

Psychiatry Awards Program 2018

Psychiatry Awards Program 2017

Psychiatry Awards Program 2016

Best Research Awards


Best Completed Research:

Dr. Dave Lundrigan: Psychosis Management, Early Psychosis Intervention, Risk of Relapse, and Tools To Predict Relapse.

Best Research In-Progress:

Dr. Dakotah Janes: (ADHD) Medications in Opioid Dependency Therapy (ODT) Clinics in Newfoundland and Labrador: Prevalence, Practice and Trends.


Best Completed Research:

Dr. Chris Earle: Internet-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia in Psychiatric Disorders: A Single Arm Pilot Study.

Best Research In-Progress:

Dr. Jessica Hung King Sang: Retrospective Review of Anticholinergic Burden Before and After Psychiatric Hospitalization in Elderly Patients.