ISER Doctoral and Masters Fellowships

For the Research Grant, all applicants who are members of Memorial University (faculty, students, staff) must submit their applications through the Memorial Researcher Portal by the internal deadline specified by their Faculty or School, in advance of the Foundation’s deadline. Memorial University will submit these applications on applicants’ behalf to the Institute following for departmental and faculty review and approval. Memorial applicants should check with their Grant Facilitators or unit approvers about internal deadlines.

For applicants from Memorial’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, the internal deadline for review and Dean's Office sign-off is February 15, 2023. Additional information about the submission process can be found at the HSS Research Funding Tracker:

External applicants must submit completed application packages to by March 1, 2023**

Memorial’s Policy on Research Impacting Indigenous Groups (RIIG)

This policy came into effect in 2020 and applies to all research funding applications (whether applicants are internal to Memorial or external). It applies prior to submission of the application; in other words, compliance begins with the initial stages of research design and submission of funding applications involving or impacting Indigenous groups. All applications must follow this policy (if applicable to the project) to be considered for funding by the Institute of Social and Economic Research, including the policy's requirement for researchers to secure an "‘Agreement in Principle’ by appropriate representatives of an Indigenous Group”. For more information, please review the material at the Policy web page and ask for assistance from the Indigenous Research Office ( if you require more information:

Note: Please email a copy of the Agreement in Principle with your fellowship application to

Doctoral Fellowships are available, on a competitive basis, to candidates who are enrolled in a full-time doctoral programme at Memorial University. Fellowships are awarded specifically for the carrying out of the candidate’s doctoral research. Candidates must have completed all requirements for the doctoral degree, other than the thesis. Candidates are eligible to apply until the completion of their 5th year. Doctoral Fellowships up to the amount of $17,700 per annum are normally awarded for up to one year (paid on a bi-weekly basis in Canadian dollars and pro-rated over the duration of the fellowship).

Masters Fellowships are available, on a competitive basis, to Memorial University students enrolled in a Masters programme. A Masters Fellowship up to the amount of $10,000 per annum is granted for one year in the student’s second year of the Masters programme.

If you have any questions, please contact

Please note that for this competition we are using fillable PDFs and digital signatures. Steps for using these pdfs are given below. If you need further help please consult this guide or email Allan at for help with technical questions.

  1. Before attempting to fill in these pdfs download and save them on your computer - do not attempt to fill them in using your browser.
  2. Once downloaded and saved, open the pdf in Adobe Reader (please use the latest version available) and fill it in. If you don't have the free Adobe Reader, please download it from the Adobe website.
  3. Once the form has been filled in, click on the digital signature box at the end of the form (the box with the little red tag on it) and then either create a new digital signature if you have not digitally signed a pdf before, or use an existing digital signature to sign the pdf. NOTE: Do not sign the pdf until the form is completed and ready for emailing; signing the pdf and then changing the fields will invalidate the document.
  4. Then forward the pdf to the emaill address indicated on the pdf.

To apply for a Doctoral fellowship:

To apply for a Masters fellowship: