ISER Student Essay Prize

The competition is open to graduate and honours students for an essay on any topic which falls within the mandate of ISER, in the amount of $500.

Please note that for this competition we are using fillable PDFs and digital signatures. Steps for using these pdfs are given below. If you need further help please consult this guide or email Allan at for help with technical questions only. For all other inquiries, please contact

  1. Before attempting to fill in these pdfs download and save them on your computer - do not attempt to fill them in using your browser.
  2. Once downloaded and saved, open the pdf in Adobe Reader (please use the latest version available) and fill it in. If you don't have the free Adobe Reader, please download it from the Adobe website.
  3. Once the form has been filled in, click on the digital signature box at the end of the form (the box with the little red tag on it) and then either create a new digital signature if you have not digitally signed a pdf before, or use an existing digital signature to sign the pdf. NOTE: Do not sign the pdf until the form is completed and ready for emailing; signing the pdf and then changing the fields will invalidate the document.
  4. Then forward the pdf to the emaill address indicated on the pdf.
  5. The Deadline to apply is March 1.

To apply for the prize grant:

  • Fill in and digitally sign the Student Essay Prize Form
  • Fill in the Applicant section on the Letter of Appraisal for Student Essay Prize form and then email it to your supervisor so they can fill in their section.