Funding Opportunities

ISER Funding Opportunities


For 2023 solely, due to a recent disruption to the semester, the deadline for all ISER funding applications has been moved to March 15, 2023. Internal Memorial applicants (faculty, students, staff) should check with their unit’s Grants Facilitators or unit approvers about internal deadlines in the case of applications for Research Grants.

Applicants for Conference Grants or the ISER Student Essay Prize should submit directly to by the due date.

Applicants for Fellowships who are not also applying for a Research Grant should also submit their applications directly to by the competition deadline.

Memorial University applicants who are applying for Research Grants or applying for a Fellowship and are also applying simultaneously for a Research Grant must submit their applications through the Memorial Researcher Portal by the internal deadline specified by their Faculty or School, in advance of the Institute’s deadline. Memorial University will submit all applications with grant funding requests to the Institute on applicants’ behalf following unit reviews and approvals. Memorial applicants should check with their Grant Facilitators or unit approvers about internal deadlines


ISER studies and research projects are pursued through a system of fellowships and grants for approved projects. For more information, please see a Guide to Research Grants and/or a Guide to Fellowships.

The following may be available:

ISER Doctoral Fellowship
ISER Post-Doctoral Fellowship
ISER Masters Fellowship
ISER Research Grant
ISER Conference Grant
ISER Annual Student Essay Prize

In each category, HSS applicants will be given priority.

(Please note: all downloadable application forms require the most recent Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

Post-Doctoral Fellowship
Available on a competitive basis to researchers from Memorial University of Newfoundland or elsewhere who have completed their doctorate and have presented a research proposal which falls under the Institute's mandate. The doctoral degree must have been completed within the three-year period immediately preceding the application deadline date. Visit page

Doctoral Fellowship
Available only to candidates from Memorial Universtiy specifically for the carrying out of the candidate's doctoral research on a research topic which falls under the Institute's mandate. Visit page.

Masters Fellowship
Available only to Memorial University students enrolled in a Masters programme and involved in a research project which falls under the Institute's mandate. Visit page.

Research Grant
These grants are available on a competitive basis to individual or team researchers. Eligible researchers include Memorial University graduate students and faculty members as well as University faculty members elsewhere and independent scholars. The grant will help defray the costs of such items as travel, subsistence, research assistance, materials and supplies necessary for carrying out a research project approved under ISER's research mandate. Visit page

ISER Conference Grant
These grants are available to Memorial University organizers in support of scholarly conferences that are within the Institute’s mandate. Visit page.

ISER Annual Student Essay Prize
The competition is open to graduate and honours students for an essay on any topic which falls within the mandate of ISER. Visit page.