Consultation questions for online sessions

Memorial is embarking on an innovation strategy process that intends to cover many facets of innovation, including innovation programming, social and cultural innovation, entrepreneurship, and innovation-driven research. We will place our stakeholders, their motivations and cultures at the centre of the process to create a human-centred innovation strategy.

Memorial University is embarking on an innovation strategy process.

Embarking on an innovation strategy planning process is the next step to the university’s commitment to promoting the advancement of innovation in the province. It is also an acknowledgment that an innovative culture at Memorial is an essential catalyst for social and economic development and global competitiveness.

Consultation questions for online sessions:

  1. Innovation is knowledge that is captured, adapted and used to create new value (e.g. new products, new services, new processes, new practices and policies). What is Memorial doing well to support innovation on our campuses to positively impact society? Are there areas where Memorial is lacking in their support of innovation?

  2. How can Memorial further contribute to finding new solutions to regional and global challenges?

  3. What do you want Memorial’s innovation environment to look like in 10-15 years? What are the top 2-3 initiatives or changes needed right now to achieve that vision?

  4. Is there anything else you would like to add? Is there anything else you think should be addressed in Memorial’s Innovation Strategy?



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