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File No.Date Rec'd DD/MM/YYApplicant TypeSummary of Records RequestedTypeDecisionNo. of PagesResponse Time (business days)Fees
010-02-50-2218/04/22IndividualInformation re: decision to change standard examination formats to include multiple choice questions in the Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics; time frame: Jan. 1 - April 18, 2022.GeneralNon-existent records0100
002-17-188-2211/04/22IndividualAll costs re keep.meSAFE.GeneralFull disclosure3100
002-09-07-2205/04/22MediaRecords related to Memorial University's possible partnership with Navitas, including but not limited to communications and briefing notes. Date range: Nov. 15, 2021 to April 5, 2022GeneralPartial access65200
002-09-06-2205/04/22MediaAll records related to the selection of interim vice-president (administration and finance) and the forthcoming auditor general review. Time frame: March 7, 2022 - April 5, 2022.GeneralPartial access56200
002-17-187-2231/03/22IndividualExternal consultant’s fees re Marine Institute’s Vision 2041.GeneralFull disclosure1100
002-17-186-2225/03/22IndividualEmails sent/received by Associate director (communications) re student protest, freedom of expression, free speech, campus ban, and student code of conduct from Dec. 2, 2021 to March 25, 2022.GeneralPartial access61200
013-26-06-2216/03/22IndividualEmails to/from Dr. Axel Meisen regarding demolition of the Psychology Annex (T-10) circa 2004.GeneralNon-existent records020
002-17-185-2213/03/22IndividualEmails sent/received by Communications Manager re student protest, freedom of expression, free speech, campus ban, and student code of conduct from Dec. 2, 2021 to March 14, 2022.GeneralPartial access65200
002-17-184-2210/03/22IndividualAll costs re MUN UP.GeneralFull disclosure1100
002-17-183-2210/03/22IndividualAll costs re MUN 101.GeneralFull disclosure1100
002-17-182-2209/03/22IndividualTotal number of mask exemption requests and requests denied and withdrawn since the mask mandate came into effect.GeneralFull disclosure1100
002-26-04-2209/03/22IndividualEmployment-related records.PersonalPartial access136200
002-09-05-2203/03/22Media[Named individual's] employment status, including but not limited to communications to and from the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as records related to an interview by President Vianne Timmons with [Named Individual] that was published on Dr. Timmons' Twitter account on Nov. 26, 2020. Time period: Feb. 1 - March 8, 2022.GeneralPartial access130200
002-17-181-2203/03/22IndividualList of authors, editors, and contributors of MUN's statement in December to media re December 2, 2021 protest event.GeneralFull disclosure1190
002-17-180-2221/02/22IndividualEmails sent/received by the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences re named person from Feb. 1 - 21, 2022.GeneralPartial access74200
016-09-20-2221/02/22IndividualAll correspondence sent and received by the Communications team within the Division of Marketing and Communications from March 13, 2020 - Feb. 21, 2022 regarding posts from the public, students, or other stakeholders regarding social media complaints and concerns.GeneralPartial access246420
016-09-19-2221/02/22IndividualThe final minutes of the Pandemic Preparedness Committee, the Emergency Operations Centre and the Pandemic Strategy Team (date range: March 2020 – Dec. 2020).GeneralPartial access142390
016-09-18-2221/02/22IndividualCorrespondence to and from the President's Office, to and from the Chief Risk Officer and records of the Vice-Presidents Council since July 1, 2021 relating to the decision to bring all staff back to campus on Feb 28, 2022.GeneralPartial access7190
003-34-04-2216/02/22IndividualSpecified information pertaining to requests for non-medical exemptions to the vaccine mandate.GeneralNon-existent records0100
003-34-03-2216/02/22IndividualRecords re Applicant.PersonalPartial access76200
010-02-46-2216/02/22IndividualRecords re Applicant.PersonalPartial access53200
010-02-45-2216/02/22IndividualRecords re Applicant.PersonalFull disclosure17170
010-02-44-2215/02/22IndividualRecords re Applicant.PersonalPartial access72200
002-17-179-2214/02/22IndividualProvost’s moving expenses.GeneralFull disclosure130
002-17-178-2214.02/22IndividualTotal number of faculty, staff, and students granted mask exemptions since the mask mandate came into effect.GeneralFull disclosure1150
010-02-43-2209/02/22IndividualCorrespondence between the Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics (St. John's Campus) and [named individual] of the Marine Institute from Aug. 26, 2021 - Feb. 9, 2022.GeneralPartial access6140
002-17-177-2208/02/22IndividualAll costs re Cisco WebEx.GeneralFull disclosure170
002-17-176-2208/02/22IndividualStatistics re Cisco WebEx, including usage since MUN started using it.GeneralFull disclosure360
002-17-175-2207/02/22IndividualEmails sent/received by the President re return to in-person classes from Feb. 1 - 7 2022.GeneralPartial access40200
018-13-01-2204/02/22MediaThe agreement between Memorial University/The Works and Deacon Sports and Entertainment/Newfoundland Growlers.GeneralNon-existent records02020
018-12-01-2203/02/22IndividualRecords that apply to the use of early admission averages for the “Transforming our Horizons” scholarships introduced in the fall of 2021.GeneralPublic domain-90
010-02-42-2201/02/22IndividualRecords re Applicant.PersonalPartial access41100
016-12-05-2201/02/22IndividualInformation related to the COVID-19 Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Working Group.GeneralFull disclosure14100
016-12-06-2201/02/22IndividualCorrespondence from  Dec. 1, 2021 to Feb. 1, 2022 between Public Health Officials, Government Officials, Memorial's Chief Risk Officer, President, and/or VP Academic  regarding the designation of Memorial University as 'essential' by Public Health and/or that Memorial University is exempt from the Public Health guidelines for gathering size.GeneralPartial access15200
016-12-07-2201/02/22IndividualList of classrooms at Memorial University's St. John's, Marine Institute, and Grenfell Campuses and the current ventilation information for each classroom.GeneralFull disclosure11100
002-17-174-2231/01/22IndividualEmails sent/received by the president re return to in-person classes from Jan. 1 – 31, 2022.GeneralPartial access173200
015-01-80-2231/01/22IndividualExternal Panel’s report with attachments and exhibits, if any, due in Jan. 2022 as part of the Academic Unit Planning Process Process at the Department of Sociology and records pertaining to its submission.GeneralNon-existent records0100
015-01-79-2231/01/22IndividualRecords re Applicant.PersonalPartial disclosure80200
013-27-04-2228/01/22IndividualRecords regarding the Grenfell land statement that suggests that Western Newfoundland is traditional Mi'kmaw territory, and not Beothuk.GeneralPartial disclosure4200
002-17-173-2227/01/22IndividualEmails sent/received by the provost re return to in-person classes from Jan. 1 – 27, 2022.GeneralPartial disclosure380200
002-30-01-2226/01/22IndividualCommunications from Jan. 1 – 25, 2022 between public health officials and the President, the Provost and the Office of the Chief Risk Officer regarding the return to in-person instruction for the winter semester 2022.GeneralNon-existent records0140
013-26-05-2226/01/22IndividualThe most recent ventilation assessment completed on the St. John's campus.GeneralPublic domain-40
013-28-02-2226/01/22IndividualEmails sent/received by the Chief Risk Officer from Jan. 1 - 26, 2022 regarding the decision to reopen the university to in-person instructions and the measures taken to mitigate the spread of Covid-19.GeneralPartial access87200
008-12-10-2225/01/22Political PartyA copy of the ventilation audit referenced by the Chief Risk Officer on VOCM on Jan. 25, 2022 at approximately 8:20 am.GeneralPublic domain-50
003-34-02-2224/01/22IndividualStatistics re specified exemptions to the vaccine mandates as of Jan. 17, 2022.GeneralFull disclosure180
002-17-172-2221/01/22IndividualAll briefing notes prepared for the president from Aug. 10, 2021 to Jan. 21, 2022GeneralPartial access52200
002-29-03-2218/01/22IndividualNumber of faculty and staff put on unpaid leave at MUN for failure to comply with the covid-19 vaccination policy.GeneralFull disclosure170
003-33-02-2218/01/22BusinessPurchasing records for purchases made from July 13, 2021 to Jan. 18, 2022.GeneralPartial access65160
003-34-01-2218/01/22IndividualAs of Jan. 10, 2022: 1) Number of unionized academic staff (MUNFA members) placed on unpaid leave for non-compliance with the University's vaccine mandate; 2) Number of unionized individuals placed on unpaid leave for non-compliance with the University's vaccine mandate at the Marine Institute Campus (both locals); and 3) Number of academic staff (instructors-local NAPE7405) placed on unpaid leave for non-compliance with the vaccine mandate at the Marine Institute Campus.GeneralFull disclosure1100
002-29-02-2218/01/22IndividualFunding received to promote COVID-19 vaccine confidence and/or decrease vaccine hesitancy and the amount received per annum since 2020.GeneralNon-existent records0180
002-29-01-2217/01/22IndividualThe number of students that have been deregistered from their courses and/or restricted from registering for their courses on or since Jan. 9, 2022 for failing to comply with MUN’s COVID-19 vaccination policy and how many COVID-19 vaccination exemptions/accommodations have been granted by the university for the Winter 2022 semester, broken down by type of exemption/accommodation.GeneralFull disclosure1130
008-15-01-2214/01/22IndividualNumber of MUN students that were deregistered, or notified of their ineligibility to register, in the Winter Semester 2022 due to their Covid -19 vaccination status (or their refusal to disclose said status).GeneralFull disclosure110
013-28-01-2213/01/22IndividualEmails sent/received by the president, provost, and chief risk officer re vaccine booster requirements from Dec. 15, 2021 to Jan. 13, 2022.GeneralFull disclosure220
002-17-170-2212/01/22IndividualEmails sent/received by the president re student protest, freedom of expression, free speech, and campus ban from Dec. 14, 2021 to Jan. 12, 2022.GeneralFull disclosure2100
002-17-171-2212/01/22IndividualNumber of COVID-19 vaccine exemptions granted/ denied (the reasons - such as medical, religious, etc.) and the total number of students deregistered from courses.GeneralFull disclosure1160
013-27-03-2210/01/22IndividualA copy of the origination document or email re: whether the land acknowledgement statement was based on a federal or provincial governmental or NGO mandate, including meeting minutes where this was discussed.GeneralNon-existent records0100
013-27-02-2210/01/22IndividualThe peer reviewed written historical record that shows a continuous Mi'kmaq presence on the Island of Newfoundland before 1583.GeneralNon-existent records0180
013-27-01-2210/01/22IndividualA copy of the definitive peer reviewed archaeological evidence that Mi'kmaq had any continuous occupation activities on the Island of Newfoundland before 1583.GeneralNon-existent records0180
002-17-169-2207/01/22IndividualEmails sent/received by the Director of Student Life re student protest, freedom of expression, free speech, and campus ban from Dec. 2, 2021 - Jan. 7, 2022.GeneralPartial access231200
002-17-168-2206/01/22IndividualEmails sent/received by the chief risk officer re student protest, freedom of expression, free speech, and campus ban from Dec. 2, 2021 to Jan. 6, 2022.GeneralPartial access7100


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