Cold Oceans & Northern Strength - oceans and northern research, teaching and learning, public engagement

May 24th, 2024

People, Places, and Partnerships that make Memorial great

May 2024 issue talks about what's been happening so far this year, in terms of oceans and northern research, teaching and learning, public engagement, and more. 

MUN Geography Professor, Dr. Arn Keeling, who looks at the historical and contemporary encounters of Indigenous communities with mineral development in Northern Canada, with his recent work focused specifically on the often-neglected challenge of mine closure and reclamation. 

Geography's Dr. Arn Keeling
"[My] research focus grew out of concerns expressed by Northern research partners about issues of mine closure and reclamation, both at abandoned sites and at active, yet-to-close mines. At the same time, I joined two interdisciplinary networks of researchers, one Nordic and one Canadian, examining the science, policy, and practices around mine reclamation. These initiatives have led to ongoing work focusing on the social aspects of mine closure, including the engagement of local and Indigenous communities in planning for post-mining transitions while ensuring positive environmental outcomes."