The S.I.M.P.L.E Approach to Investigating Workplace Incidents

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Workplace Investigation

A workplace investigation is a form of inquiry undertaken for the purpose of determining the truth of the matter in question. Such investigation is important in ensuring organizations identify and resolve internal problems before they become widespread. In this course, participants will be taught the S.I.M.P.L.E (Structure, Impartiality, Measurable, Personable, Listening, & Evaluating) approach to investigate workplace incidents. Participants will employ an investigative mindset as they move through course exercises that illustrate problems pertaining to cognitive biases, how to document details on a continual basis, and dissect information and organize it according to a timeline.

Key Learning Outcomes 

  • Establish the appropriate investigative mindset
  • Differentiate between information, facts, and evidence
  • Implement the ACCESS Investigation Structure (Assess/Action Plan, Collect, Collate, Evaluate, Survey, Summarize)
  • Dissect statements from complainants and respondents (PLATS)
  • Construct a TimeLine Analysis
  • Document investigative actions (logging investigative details, times, people, interactions, etc.)
  • Create a structured summary from interviews
  • Proper documentation and handling of evidence

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