Strategic Compensation and Pay Equity

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Evaluate and design a competitive and equitable compensation strategy with confidence.

Competitive and equitable compensation plans are critical to an organization's ability to recruit and retain top talent. More than offering competitive pay, HR professionals are called upon to develop and implement robust and equitable total rewards programs that align with their companies' goals and culture.

In this 2-day session, participants will identify key compensation plan and discuss best practices for building a plan that meets organizational objectives. Participants will specifically focus on equitable compensation practices and develop a roadmap for evaluating pay equity in their own organization.

Remain competitive and attract and retain top talent with an equitable compensation package that also meets your organization's compensation philosophy.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to design, implement, and communicate an equitable and competitive 'best fit' compensation strategy.
  • Review current compensation practices and consider what total compensation includes.
  • Identify what pay equity is and practice using the tools needed to evaluate it.
  • Determine if your organization's compensation plan is market competitive.
  • Design pays scales that meet your organization's compensation philosophy.
  • Perform compensation reviews on difficult-to-fill roles.
  • Understand the role of technology in managing and administering total rewards programs.

This course is part of the Strategic Human Resources Management Program.

Continuing Education Contact Hours: 14

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